Saving Grace: WM Production’s 1st Anniversary Gig

WM Productions is a non-profit organization that has been fundraising events such as benefit gigs and hike for-a-cause to help out chosen beneficiaries seeking financial help.

This month, WM Productions is coming back with a bang to celebrate their 1st Year Anniversary entitled “Saving Grace.” This is co-presented by Red Ninja Production together with its media partners Support Local Indie Scene, OPM Memes, and Indie Manila. The event will take place at Flare Bar, Metrowalk, Ortigas on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 and will feature 8 OPM indie bands in Manila.

All proceeds from this event will be for the financial needs, medical bills and chemotherapy of our beneficiary, Grace, who battles against breast cancer stage II at a young age of 26 years old.

The WM Productions Anniversary Gig will feature bands such as Vicente Coleur, Coeli, With the Fellas, Over October and more bands to come as they post their final poster next week.

“What a blessing how certain events turns out to be the most appreciative lesson for all of us. I hope this gig’s lesson for all of us is sharing happiness, being an inspiration and making an impact to other people’s lives,” says WM Productions Founder, An Layug

WM Productions started in May 2017 when a group of individuals decided to do a hike-for-a-cause event for Amber, who was battling leukemia. Realizing it was a good way to help a friend, Benefit Gig for Amber happened in the same month.

WM has a deeper meaning which stands for “Walang Mahina,”  a phrase that one of the organizer said when he sprained his ankle, a phrase that the group chanted while finishing the trail and it was also the same phrase that sparks up to continue what they started and soon, became an advocacy  to everyone, to never give up, be resilient and that someday they’ll finish the trail of pain and worries, and will reach the summit of healing and success.

WM Productions previous successful events in 2017 were “A Benefit Gig for Amber” and “Gig para kay Tita,” both held at Skinny Mikes which attracted over 200-250 people who bought tickets and watched the gig. Beneficiaries for both events were now cancer-free patients. They also organized a “Hike-for-a-cause for the Hope Advance Kids” of Severina, Parañaque, held at Mt. Arayat.

“The main act for this gig is not just the music, but the influence on how we can change lives for the better,” shares Dexter Bulatao, WM Productions Event lead

Tickets will be sold at 350 pesos with a free drink. You may contact WM Productions for ticket inquiries to Dexter or An at 0998 581 1346 / 0917 438 7995.

This event will not be possible without the following sponsors:

  • Wolfpack Exotics
  • IV Trifusion
  • Sportscut Barbershop
  • Birada Coffee

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