Save The Dates: 8 Pet Holidays To Remember

Did you know that there are specially assigned holidays for pets?

In addition to the regular Caturdays and Woof Wednesdays we have every week, we found pet holidays that acknowledge how pawsome animals are!

Check out these special days that honor our well-loved paw babies below.

1. Dress Up Your Pet Day, January 14

Calling all fashionista fur moms (and dads)! Start the year right by dressing up your pets. It can go from as simple as a cute ribbon up to a glamorous dress.

You can even wear matching outfits and dress as pairs. It’s all up to you. The most important thing is to have fun!


2. Love Your Pet Day, February 20

While it’s true that we must love our pets everyday, it won’t hurt to emphasize how much you do for one day. Celebrate this day by treating them out on a pet hotel, booking a pet grooming sesh, or simply giving them their favorite treats.

3. K9 Veterans Day, March 13

With the countless lives saved and numerous disastrous events prevented through the bravery of police dogs, it’s only fitting to have a day just for them. Smile to a K9 when you see one or adopt a veteran to celebrate this wonderful day. They’re not only trained and well-behaved; they also deserve to be loved and cared for after spending years of their lives ensuring our safety.


4. Pet Parents Day, last Sunday of April

Yup, there’s a day for pet parents too! Spend this day by having quality time and bonding with your paw babies. You deserve it for being responsible, loving and caring!

5. Black Cat Appreciation Day, August 17

Black cats are often perceived as bad luck. Come on, guys. It’s not their fault to be covered in black fur. Besides, the only thing they’ll bring into your life is pure happiness. Let’s appreciate black cats on the 17th of August and all the other days of the year.

cats in Manila meownila 8

Photo by Meownila

6. Homeless Animals Day, August 20

All animals deserve affection, especially homeless ones. Change a stray animal‘s life by opening your hearts and homes. Can’t adopt? No worries, you can report the whereabouts of the animal, foster, volunteer and donate. #AdoptDontShop

7. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, August 28

Losing a pet is probably the most difficult thing a pet parent can encounter. The 28th of August is for cherishing the good memories of our beloved pets who already crossed the rainbow bridge. Remember, your paw baby will always be with you, in your heart and mind.

8. Your Pet’s Birthday!

It may not be an internationally announced holiday, but isn’t this the most important one? Throw a barkday party, make a cat cake, or buy a new toy. Whatever it may be, make sure to show these little balls of happiness and fur how glad you are to have them in your life.



Mark your calendar, save these dates and celebrate with your paw babies.

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Do you know more pet holidays? Tell us in the comments.