Sandari Batulao Presents Wellness Day with Mt. Talamitam Trek

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Sandari Batulao presents Wellness Day with Mt. Talamitam Trek which will be happening on December 17 at the peaceful community of Sandari Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Wellness Day is a regular event of Sandari Batulao which aims to promote the importance of wellness to its lot owners and guests. It promotes the three core principles of wellness which are Move, Eat and Sleep.  Different wellness activities like Yoga, Tai chi, Healthy cooking and more, are rolled out for people who have been living a healthy life and also for those who are planning to start their journey to a healthy life.

For this event, participants will get to enjoy the exciting exploration of the wondrous mountain of Mt. Talamitam, adjacent to the famous Mt. Batulao. After the trek, relaxing activities await the participants at the peaceful community of Sandari Batulao. Head and foot massage and taking a dip in the world-class swimming pools with the presence of nature will really make you feel relaxed and happy. Moreover, there is a bonus healthy cooking demo for all the participants.

This event is in partnership with, Business Mirror, Health and Fitness, Philippines Graphic, Pilipino Mirror, 97.9 Home Radio and DWIZ.

Health is wealth! Nowadays, the stress that people feel is aggravating and one of the ways to distress is to be active and relax. This event will surely give you a complete relaxation that the body needs in order to be healthy. Indeed, a perfect weekend getaway that you will surely enjoy.

For more information, contact the marketing team of Sandari Batulao at 09175506873 or 817-5876 loc. 160 or email them at