San Miguel Lifestyle Brews: The Best Beers in Manila!

When in Manila and in search for a true beer experience, you need only look to our local, world-class beers. For those who want the best that the Philippines can offer, San Miguel’s Lifestyle Brews line is what you’re looking for.

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews: The Best Beers in Manila!

The best things come in threes.

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews have three different beers, each one crafted in a unique and distinct way. First, there is the San Miguel Super Dry, easily identifiable by its dark amber bottle and maroon labeling. Second is the Cerveza Negra, San Miguel’s take on the classic dark malt beverages many connoisseurs enjoy. Third and finally is my personal favorite, the San Miguel Premium All-Malt, in its beautiful tinted bottle reminiscent of traditional German wine-bottling practices.

The best things go great with food.

To better illustrate the distinct flavors of the three brews, I went on a two-day food adventure around Bonifacio Global City (a must-go place when in Manila), pairing Filipino and foreign food alike with the three beverages. May you be guided accordingly for a great San Miguel-fueled dining experience!


San Miguel Super Dry

The brew: Strong and bitter aroma, with a dry and crisp sensation on the palate.

The San Miguel Super Dry is very bitter, evidence of the overwhelmingly hops base of this beer. As a result of this strong and tangy flavor, I found that it’s best when ‘cutting’ the greasy and oftentimes salty flavors of traditional Filipino fare such as lechon kawali, crispy pata, and liempo (when eaten with the fat).  San Miguel Super Dry is a great ‘full meal’ beer, meaning you can enjoy it with your appetizer, main course, and post-dessert without experiencing much conflict on the palate.


San Miguel Cerveza Negra

The brew: Slightly sweet-ish on the nose, with caramel undertones and roast-malt aftertaste.

The darkest beer of the three, the roasted-malt Cerveza Negra (in Spanish; literally “dark beer”) is, in my opinion, the ‘friendliest’ beer among the others in the Lifestyle Brews line. It’s a little bit on the sweeter side, and is best enjoyed on most meals especially with dessert; it might downplay the sweetness of otherwise tasty desserts. Perfect with fish and poultry, it’s easy to pair with light meals.  It is, however, a great beer to have before heading to another establishment for some coffee.


San Miguel Premium All-Malt

The brew: A full-bodied and less bitter beer, with a distinct malt flavor.

My favorite beverage to come out of the San Miguel breweries, the San Miguel Premium All-Malt is the best beer when in Manila because it goes absolutely great with virtually all of the meat-based Pinoy dishes as well as international ones. I would highly recommend the Premium All-Malt when having beef- and lamb-based dishes (those with thick and heavy sauces) as well as smoked or cured specialty meats.




In conclusion, the only beers When in Manila you should enjoy are the three premium bottles from the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews line. Whether you’re after a crisp taste, a roasted and caramel-tinged drink, or a full-bodied pure malt beer, Lifestyle Brews has you covered!

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews: The Best Beers in Manila!