Salt Tax Will Come Into Play This April 1!

There have been lots of changes in our government in the past years especially when it comes to taxes. First was the Sugar Tax then the TRAIN Law, and now it’s the APFU 101 or ‘Salt Tax’ which will come into effect this April 1.

Like the Sugar Tax, many officials hope to alleviate poverty and prevent obesity with this move. The Salt Tax will impose around Php20-50 to all products that have salt, whether it’s local or imported. Some price estimates are listed below and will be effective on April 1, 2018.

salt tax graphics

Since Filipinos love eating, the Salt Tax will affect everyone. Everyone’s favorite chips that costs Php15 would increase to Php100 and even chicharon would become Php800 from just Php100. Those special bowls of goto and mami with chicharon Pinoys love would also increase its prices because of their salt content.

Happy Lulu 5

Our favorite street foods kwek-kwek and balut would increase their prices as well because of the vinegar and salt served with them.

12 must try street foods manila philippines streetfood streetfoods food wheninmanila balut 2 thu1

kwek kwek

Everyone’s favorite french fries would increase its price from less than Php100 per order to at least Php250 because of the seasoning.

Cluckys Parmesan Fries

Aside from food, beach entrance fees would also increase because of the salt ingredient of the sea. One of the resorts we usually go to will be increasing their entrance fee from Php100 for day trip to Php400/hour in compliance of the Salt Tax.

Five Reasons Why Masasa Beach

What do you think of the Salt Tax??? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments!

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