Saigi Ramen: The Newest Japanese Restaurant You Have to Try in Makati

If you think you’ve already tried the best Japanese restaurants in Makati, think again because there’s a newcomer in town. This is one Japanese restaurant that is sure to take you on a food experience you’ll come back to again and again.

Saigi Ramen just opened early this year, and it’s already getting loads of great reviews—and with good reason.

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The inside of the restaurant is very homey and cozy, and it definitely offers the feel of an authentic Japanese food spot. They also have a VIP room at one end of the restaurant for groups who want to dine in private.

Saigi Ramen was just established in May 2023 by Chef Atsushi Yoshida, a Japanese chef with an impressive track record as a talented chef.


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Originating from Kyoto, Japan, Chef Atsushi started his career in 1994 at a Michelin-star restaurant and hotel in Kyoto. From there, he continued his career in the culinary arts with years of experience cooking at more Michelin-star restaurants all over the world—including London and Hong Kong.

Most recently, Chef Atsushi was Okada Manila’s Director of Culinary and Chef de Cuisine of Enbu.

Now, he’s built his own restaurant to serve meticulously prepared ramen to Filipinos.

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Chef Atsushi’s specialty is the Tantanmen Ramen which is also the bestseller at Saigi Ramen. He revealed that it took years to perfect his recipe, and it definitely paid off!

The Tantanmen Ramen features 30 ingredients that have been perfectly blended into a savory and extra flavorful bowl of ramen. It was love at first slurp for all of us.

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The broth was rich and bursting with lots of flavors; I loved the slightly sweet yet creamy taste of peanut sauce mixed with the meaty savory broth. It was, hands down, our favorite ramen at Saigi.

While the Tantanmen Ramen is our clear favorite, we also couldn’t get enough of the other ramen options on the menu.

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The Shoyu Ramen features a soy sauce-based broth that’s a bit lighter than the Tantanmen but still definitely packed with flavor.

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The Esguerra Farm Kurobuta Miso Ramen is a partnership with Esguerra Farms in Batangas which provides their Kurobuta pork. You could really taste the difference with the tender and super flavorful pork in this particular ramen. It practically melts in your mouth, too.

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If you’re not in the mood for ramen, you could also try the Kitayama Wagyu Curry Tsukemen which also comes with a serving of rice, because they’re always generous with that Wagyu Curry.

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Aside from their bestselling noodle dishes, Saigi Ramen also offers other classic Japanese food such as their tasty Kurobuta Minced Katsu. This one’s so tender and super juicy thanks to the special Kurobuta pork used, and also thanks to the fact that it’s minced katsu. It’s unlike any other katsu I’ve tried before!

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Of course, their Kurobuta Gyoza is also worth mentioning because it is packed with flavorful minced Kurobuta pork and is perfectly cooked to crispy yet chewy perfection.

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If you’re looking for healthier options, try Saigi Ramen’s Mapo Tofu with Rice, which is a spicy and savory dish that will probably have you asking for more rice.

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You can also avail of their unlimited salad bar for PHP 178 only! This way, you can have even more of their delicious Japanese dishes with your own salad concoction to enjoy on the side.

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Just when we thought we’d already enjoyed the best of Saigi Ramen, we were delightfully surprised with their Baguio Lemonade, a refreshing tangy drink made from lemons that come straight from Baguio. It’s even served with a cool “tower” of frozen lemon slices, adding bonus points for its presentation.

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Saigi Ramen may be the newest addition to the neighborhood, but with its exquisite menu and signature dishes you won’t be able to stop talking about, this Japanese restaurant will surely be a neighborhood favorite soon enough.

PS. If you’re in the mood for ramen but you don’t want to leave the house, Saigi Ramen is also available on Grab Food and Foodpanda!

Saigi Ramen

G/F Vernida IV Bldg., Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati

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