Safe, Fun and Useful Finds at BabyShop Philippines!


BabyShop.PH was kind enough to let us try some of their products.




All blue for my baby boy! 


I got all giddy when they delivered this to me! Knowing that these items are safe and is catered especially to my baby’s needs made me even more excited to use it on him!



Bamboo Dappy Cloth Diaper 


My 2 year old son just started potty training. He is having a hard time learning since he is too attached with his diaper. Bamboo Dappy will help him to adjust from diaper to potty as this organic (brief-like) dappy absorbs pee just like a diaper! And the good thing about this is its washable!



Rubbabu Crater Ball 


Soft and bouncy! That’s how I’ll describe this blue little ball! My baby boy really enjoyed playing catch with his dad using this. It helps ‘coz at his age, my son enjoys throwing stuff at people (thinking that its always playtime!) Knowing that its soft makes me secure that it wont hurt him or anyone that it will hit.






He loves his Rubbabu!!   

So if you are mom (or a soon-to-be-mom) who only wants what’s best (and safe) for you little one, head on over to BabyShop.PH for the latest and unique stuff you can ever find!


FYI, BabyShop.PH offers same day delivery and free shipping for orders P1,000 and above! They also have different payment options available and they can accept orders via phone or thru their website!


Check them out:





Safe, Fun and Useful Finds at BabyShop Philippines!