Ryan Reynolds Welcomes Josh Brolin To Deadpool Franchise With Hilarious Tweet

There’s no doubt about it: Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool.


He’s basically the embodiment of the Marvel anti-hero, perfecting the merc’s potty mouth and crass humor to a T.

As the first Deadpool film was a hit among critics and fans, there is much anticipation for Deadpool 2 — especially after it was announced that the time-travelling character, Cable, would make an appearance in the sequel.

After much speculation on who would take on Cable, Fox announced yesterday that the role went to Josh Brolin. You know, Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War in the MCU.

The idea of Brolin taking on separate Marvel characters in two different universes is giving fans some doubt, and of course, Ryan was here for the ride.

Here’s his tweet welcoming Josh to the Deadpool family:

Keep doing you, Ryan.

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