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RUSSIAN STANDARD embarked on a mission to create Russia’s first completely authentic premium vodka – a spirit made from 100% pure Russian ingredients and expertly distilled in Russia, the true homeland of vodka.

Today, Russian Standard Vodka is proud to be Russia’s number one premium vodka and one of the fastest growing spirits brands in the world.

By combining centuries-old traditions with state-of the-art distilling and a passionate attention to detail, we produce an unrivalled range of premium vodkas that epitomize the very essence of our vibrant, modern society.


VODKA is the true spirit of Russia. For centuries, this national drink has been at the heart of Russian life – at significant family gatherings, flamboyant festive parties and those special moments when Russians come together to celebrate.

Today in St Petersburg – Russia’s sparkling “Venice of the North” and one of Europe’s most beautiful and sophisticated cities – Russian Standard Vodka is being produced, reflecting the very essence of Russia’s modern society: bold, confident, stylish and adventurous.

As discerning consumers continue to seek out the very finest authentic products, Russian Standard offers the world vodkas of exceptional purity and style.


A century before the foundation of Russian Standard Vodka, Professor Dmitri Mendeleev – author of the Periodic Table of Elements and one of history’s greatest scientists – established the precise point of equilibrium for completely pure – Russian vodka: 40% ABV.

In 1894, Mendeleev’s perfect formula was established by Tsar Alexander III as the absolute mark of authenticity for vodka production of the highest standard.

By bringing Professor Mendeleev’s original vision into the 21st century, Russian Standard honours the pioneering quality of his work and the enduring model of excellence set by his formula. Today, Russian Standard is creating spirits that have established new, unequalled heights of perfection.

RSV Sip 



Finest Wheat 

Begin with the finest products. Russian Standard vodkas are made using only WINTER WHEAT grown in the fertile black soil of Russia’s southern steppes.

The winter wheat used in producing the vodka is hand-selected from slow-growing varieties planted in September and left to mature under the deep snows of the long Russian winters. At harvest time, in late July or early August, the ripened wheat will have accumulated exceptionally high levels of starch.

Plump with the rich, traditional flavour of bread, this is the grain that gives our vodkas their unique character and taste.

 Glacial Water


Blend with the purest, softest glacial waters from Lake Ladoga. WATER is the very soul of all vodkas. Indeed, the Russian word “vodka” quite literally means “little water”.

Covering some 17,600 square meters, Lake Ladoga, Europe’s largest freshwater lake, is the natural source of some of the softest water on earth.

Springing from a harsh, unforgiving glacial world with ancient origins – yet just 40 kilometers north of our St Petersburg distillery – the underground sources of Lake Ladoga provide us with the inexhaustible supply of crystal-clear, mineral-rich pure water that forms the liquid soul of all our premium vodkas.



In today’s world, people often sense that what they experience is not real enough. Too often things seem contrived, fake, artificial or somehow not as they should be. It’s the same with vodka.

People are drinking vodka that they instinctively know is not as good as it should be. Like many other experiences, this is not something they think about but something they know and feel. They are not connoisseurs, but they know what good vodka should be like.

It should be of high quality. It should come from Russia. It should be genuine and real. In fact, it should be just like their other real life experiences. ‘Vodka as it should be’ brings to life the real Russian vodka experience.



Russian Standard Vodka offers the world a portfolio of authentic Russian vodkas of exquisite perfection and great style. Each product is a vivid expression of vodka passion, inspiring and transforming moments that bring people together with zestful joy and enthusiasm.

RSV Original Great 

The universal flagship brand in our portfolio, RUSSIAN STANDARD ORIGINAL VODKA is the finest expression of authentic Russian taste with its distinctive natural wheat flavour. Stemming from Mendeleev’s principles for vodka production from 1894 and using only the finest Russian ingredients, it is Russia’s No1 premium vodka and the benchmark for excellence in the land of vodka. Vodka as it should be for those who value genuine experiences

Russian Standard Original is the real vodka experience, inspired by the Russian passion of bringing people together for moments that are authentic and genuine.

RSV Gold New 

RUSSIAN STANDARD GOLD embodies the vibrant spirit of Russian generosity. Inspired from an ancient Siberian vodka recipe made popular by Peter the Great, Russian Standard Gold contains carefully selected extracts of Siberian Ginseng, sometimes called ‘Golden Root’ to create uniquely rich and exceptionally mild tasting vodka. Russian Standard Gold is the perfect vodka to celebrate golden moments with family, friends or colleagues providing an added twist of vitality to your celebration

Honoring Professor Mendeleev’s timeless 1894 recipe, Russian Standard Gold continues Russian Standard’s tradition of employing innovative technologies to produce authentic vodka of the very highest quality and purity.

RSV Platinum New 

Setting the standard for elegance and refinement, RUSSIAN STANDARD PLATINUM is the perfect vodka to indulge in style and perfection. It employs an exclusive silver filtration system known for its unique natural refining value to create an exquisite ultra-crisp, ultra smooth experience for those who demand the best. The finest vodka for high-end on-premise accounts found in the world’s trendiest places

Inspired by the spirit of Russia’s vibrant nightlife, Russian Standard Platinum is the exquisite fusion of provenance and authenticity. Russian Standard Platinum is for people of style and taste to celebrate their success with a uniquely Russian vodka experience. 


IMPERIA is a luxury brand produced by Russian Standard. It embodies the splendor and Imperial heritage of Russia. For IMPERIA, a special different process of distillation is employed while separating the spirit from all undesired elements to achieve the ultimate purity. IMPERIA is additionally filtered through Crystal quartz mined in the Ural Mountains. It helps to create the supra-molecular structure of the liquid, providing its astonishing clarity and velvety smooth texture. IMPERIA has a truly luxury sophisticated taste, full body palette with a hint of soft spice, lightly herbal aroma and subtle nutty chocolate notes in the aftertaste, silky and lingering finish. It is the ultimate vodka for your very special occasions.

All over the world – from New York to Milan, Paris to Moscow and Berlin to Bangkok – Russian Standard is the one true spirit that brings people together; that adds spice to life and turns every memorable gathering into a timeless event. At chic fashion shows and society events, in hot clubs and cool bars, Russian Standard is the choice of celebrities, industry leaders and trendsetters from all walks of life.

Where there’s real life there’s vodka – Russian Standard vodka.



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