These Stylish Rolling Trunks From Urban Traveller & Co. Will Make Your Travels More Convenient

Urban Traveller & Co. launched the Carl Friedrik Trunk, a sophisticated rolling trunk that redefines the art of travel. Inspired by the seafaring journeys of the Golden Age of Travel, this heritage-inspired luggage item has been repurposed for 21st-century adventurers, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern functionality.

Urban Traveller & Co. Carl Friedrik Trunk

Photo: Urban Traveller & Co.

Key Features

Spacious Main Compartment: Designed for trips of up to three weeks, the Carl Friedrik Trunk boasts a deep main compartment that effortlessly accommodates large and irregular-sized items, eliminating the hassle of traditional suitcases.

Organisational Excellence: Say goodbye to chaotic packing scenarios. Retractable dividers and three complimentary packing cubes allow travelers to categorize and efficiently stack their belongings, ensuring easy access throughout their journey.

Durability Redefined: Crafted from premium materials, including robust polycarbonate shells and hardwearing aluminum frames, the Carl Friedrik Trunk is built to withstand the rigors of travel, promising a pristine ride regardless of bumps in the road.

Enhanced Security: Safety is paramount. Integrated TSA-approved lock closures provide peace of mind with three layers of protection, offering a more secure alternative to traditional zipper designs.


Urban Traveller & Co. Carl Friedrik Trunk

Photo: Urban Traveller & Co.

– Robust multi-stage trolley system

– Integrated TSA-approved locks

– Seamless 360° Hinomoto silent spinner wheels

– 80/20 split lid opening

– Retractable fabric dividers

– Includes complimentary set of three packing cubes

– Set of compression straps

– Dimensions: Width: 40 cm (15.8 inches), Height: 73 cm (28.7 inches), Depth: 37 cm (14.6 inches)

– Weight: 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs) with packing cubes

– Volume: 90 L


– German-engineered Makrolon® polycarbonate shell

– Aluminum lock frame

– Vachetta leather detailing

– Recycled polyester lining


The Carl Friedrik Trunk is now available exclusively at Urban Traveller & Co., inviting travelers to experience the epitome of travel luxury. Whether embarking on a grand adventure or a weekend getaway, this trunk promises to be your steadfast companion, blending timeless elegance with modern functionality.

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