Rolling Panda: There’s a New Spot for Unlimited Hotpot, Grill, and Unli Snacks in QC

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like in the Philippines, we Filipinos will always be ready for hot food and drinks; be it piping hot coffee in the mornings, savory hot noodles in the afternoon, or loaded hotpot for dinner. This is especially true if it’s unlimited!

So, here’s the newest unlimited hotpot and grill restaurant that’s perfect for whatever season: Rolling Panda Unlimited Hotpot & Grill.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2903

Rolling Panda just opened in Quezon City this April. This new buffet restaurant boasts above and beyond the authentic Chinese hotpot experience.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2893

Their space is all about pandas. You’ll be welcomed by a massive panda statue at the entrance, perfect for photo ops! Then, moving further inside the restaurant, you’ll find more pandas everywhere—from wall decor to cute little panda figurines.

At each table, you’ll find their menu a.k.a. the massive and extensive list of all the food you can enjoy. It lists down all the ingredients you can include in your hotpot as well as all the BBQ kinds you can grill.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2917

They offer six kinds of hotpot soup bases, from spicy kinds to non-spicy ones. My personal favorite was the triple-fresh soup, a savory and flavorful non-spicy soup base. If you love spicy food, then you might enjoy the spicy beef-oil soup which is the spiciest variant even at level zero. It goes up to level 3, but be ready for the heat!

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 3042

You can pick up to three soup bases at once so that you can explore more of what Rolling Panda offers.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2976

On the hotpot menu, there are all kinds of meat (try the Australian beef chuck!), tofu, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, and flavor balls to choose from.

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Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2960

Rolling Panda doesn’t just offer a wide array of ingredients for hotpot, but also unlimited snacks such as flavorful chicken popcorn and deep-fried buns. You can also enjoy unlimited rice, dumplings, and noodles!

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2982

For the BBQ section of the menu, there are 14 kinds to choose from, including beef kebab, garlic cheese scallops, and Taiwanese sausage. My personal favorite was the beef kebab as it was bursting with delicious flavor and loads of spice. I highly recommend trying that!

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2929

As we placed our orders and waited for our food, we were even given fun little packs of Chinese chips. It made the short wait for our food a bit more fun for us.

Then came the soup bases—all 3 in one pot—as well as the meat and flavor balls. It was easy to see that the ingredients were high quality, especially the meat. I couldn’t get enough of it!

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2952

To add extra flavor to your feast, you can also choose from three of their dipping sauce recipes. But if you want to experiment, you can make your own at their special sauce station.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 2937

Don’t worry about your drinks because Rolling Panda also offers five kinds of free and unlimited drinks: soy milk, black plum juice, peach tea (my favorite), lime and calamansi, and lemon water. Each order is served by pitcher rather than by glass, so maybe order 1 or 2 flavors at a time.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 3055

And to top off your savory hotpot and grill feast, Rolling Panda serves unlimited ice cream and their dessert of the day! We highly recommend you try the green tea ice cream and the sesame ice cream if they’re available. The best part? Their ice cream is served with a mochi-type candy in the shape of a panda! It’s so adorable and you’ll find yourself ordering more bowls just to see more of the panda candy.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 3031

Starting at PHP 599 for unlimited hotpot, and at PHP 699 for unlimited hotpot and grill, it’s safe to say that this new hotpot restaurant in Quezon City is super sulit and worth every peso. Don’t worry about bringing your kids because they also have a special kids’ rate starting at PHP 319, and kids below 3 ft. can eat for free. Even senior citizens 75 years old and above get a special 50% discount!

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 3017

So, the next time you’re looking for a sulit buffet restaurant in Metro Manila that’s perfect for the whole family, visit Rolling Panda Unlimited Hotpot & Grill.

Rolling Panda Hotpot and Grill 3062

PS. Watch out for their promos on social media and you just might get freebies like adorable panda figurines and off-the-menu items!

Rolling Panda Unlimited Hotpot & Grill

1235 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave Cor. Alabama, Quezon City

Monday – Thursday; 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday – Sunday;  11 AM – 11 PM

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