Roger Ebert ‘Drunk Driving’ Tweet: Honest Opinion? More Like Distasteful Remark!

“Friends, don’t let jackasses drink and drive,” This was the exact message that film critic Roger Ebert tweeted just hours after Ryan Dunn of Jackass died from drunk driving. Couldn’t wait for a better time to say this huh? Well congratulations, Roger! You just earned yourself a ton of instant haters! It’s surprising how some people managed to sympathize with your rudeness though. SMH.

I don’t care whether he’s simply trying to make a point no matter how “sarcastic” it sounds. No matter how you look at it, it’s unethical to speak ill on such a sensitive topic such as death. Dunn’s loved ones are still grieving and he doesn’t help at all.

It might have been easy for Ebert to judge Dunn, coming from Jackass and all the crazy, out-of-this-world stuff that they do there, but Roger Ebert? I wouldn’t have known him if he hadn’t been making headlines for this clearly offensive tweet. Well they say Ebert is known for his equally blunt movie reviews, but this is real life we’re talking about! He could a crash course on Ethics 101  right about now. You know when you tried to tell an offensive joke and no one laughed about it? That’s what happened. I mean, America’s a free country but he could have exercised sound judgment, y’know.

When in Manila America, will the real jackass please stand up?


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