Rocky Mars and Project 4 Presents “Our Time”

JUNE 10 2017 OUR TIME - Copy

The next ship to Mars is leaving soon!

Project 4 Productions together with Rocky Mars Productions is blasting off on its first collaboration alongside Pop Punk Manila.

Uplifting local artists and musicians by bringing them together through various art and musical productions, this collaboration will be kicking things off with a show, forging partnerships with aspiring musicians and artists alike.

 “Our Time” will happen on June 10, 2017 (Saturday) at 7:00 PM at Route 196 Bar in Katipunan Avenue Extension, Blue Ridge A. Quezon City.

The event will be composed of live music performances by Not Informed, Android-18, Cinco de Kalyo, Bad Hair Day, Carousel Casualties, Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez, and Mikey Yabut Foundation.

It will also feature mind-blowing and jaw-dropping magic tricks by Ian Lee Estrella, Vanz Cadiente, and Macky Gatchealejo of Magic Manila.

Early birds will get free FHM, Esquire, and Top Gear magazines from Summit Media.

Facebook event page:

Project 4 Productions, a team of Filipino event organizers, aims to promote local artists and musicians, and SME’s (small and medium–sized entrepreneurs) by bringing them together through various art and musical productions.

If you’re interested in working with Project 4 Productions, you may reach them at