Robin Sparkles is Back with the Quarantine Version of “Let’s Go to the Mall”

One of the best parts of How I Met Your Mother is the reveal that Robin Scherbatsky used to be a teenage pop star called Robin Sparkles. She’s known for the song “Let’s Go to the Mall,” which also enjoyed success outside the show. TV and music critics loved the catchiness and the humor, and many publications noted that the song is one of the show’s best musical sequences.

In case you’ve forgotten the glory of “Let’s Go to the Mall,” here’s the music video for it:

So much has changed since the song had its premiere in 2006. For one, COVID-19 is now a global pandemic and forced everyone to go on quarantine and stay home. It’s not the best time to encourage Jessica and Tory to go to the mall. So what’s a former teen pop star to do? Rework the song, of course.

Cobie Smulders, who played Robin on the show, channeled her Robin Sparkles alter ego for a new version of “Let’s Go to the Mall,” titled “Let’s All Stay at Home.” Show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays rewrote the lyrics to reflect the quarantine we’re all in, with a piano version composed by Brian Kim, who also created the original song.

Listen to it below:

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Smulders accompanied the song with the caption, “Welp. Here it is. I hope it takes your mind off some things. It certainly did for me! A huge thank you to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for the new lyrics.”

She also tagged charities her followers can donate to.

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