Robert Pattinson reinvents acting career at Cannes

With an impressive performance as a New York robber, Robert Pattinson could be in the running to win the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor award.

Robert Pattinson

The former Twilight actor, now 31, has since distanced himself from his sparkly vampire roots, and is well on the way to reinventing his acting career after reaping his best reviews ever as a man on the run in the film, “Good Time” by brothers Josh and Benny Safdie.

The movie required a guerrilla shooting set-up, which proved challenging to Robert as one of the most recognizable Hollywood actors, thanks to his Twilight past. Yet ever willing to go the extra mile, Robert disguised himself by donning a shaggy beach-blond mane and tattoos, as well as putting on pock marks, successfully evading the paparazzi!

According to Robert:

“I always wanted to look like I’ve been street cast. Because we were shooting guerrilla-style, I was so nervous about people finding out about the shoot and paparazzi being there.”

The movie included several amateur actors in the cast, including a former convict.

Apparently, Robert’s disguise worked so well that he was basically unrecognizable on the streets of New York!

“We shot the movie on the streets of New York, and no one (even) took a cell-phone picture.”

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