Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult are Top Contenders for ‘The Batman’

There have been rumors since a few months ago that Robert Pattinson might be the next Batman. Well, it looks like those rumors could become true pretty soon. This isn’t confirmed yet, though, as the filmmaker and Warner Bros have not reached a final decision yet.

Still, although there is no final confirmation yet, people all over the Internet are already talking about Robert Pattinson potentially being Matt Reeves’ Batman in ‘The Batman’ because sources say he is the current favorite to fill the role. What you might not have read on the Internet today is that Nicholas Hoult is actually also a top contender to fill the role. (You might know him as Beast in the newer X-Men movies.)


We’ll definitely try to write an article as soon as the final announcement is made, but so far, the bat suit has NOT been filled yet. I repeat: Edward Cullen is NOT our final new Batman yet.

Who would you rather see fill the bat suit?