Robert Downey Jr. Gave Chris Evans This Captain America-Inspired Gift After Filming Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have always shared a close friendship, one that rivals (or maybe even trumps) that of their on-screen counterparts. Downey Jr. was actually the one to convince Evans to take on the role of Captain America, while Evans was the one to bring the team and Downey Jr.’s visions to life. RDJ paid honor to the relationship as Tony Stark might have — by gifting Evans a 6 figure token.

(The original Avengers got matching tattoos! OMG!)

Alright, it’s considerably more than a token. It’s actually a 1967 vintage Chevrolet Camaro RS specially customized with a Captain America theme. And it’s reported to be worth around $275,000 (which is over Php 14 million). According to car research company Edmunds, the car’s high valuation is due to its upgraded parts and labor.

chris evans camaro

Photo from Jay Leno’s Garage

Some of its customized features include Cap’s logo in the middle of the steering wheel and a plaque under the hood which reads “1967 Camaro RS ‘Steve Rogers’ Special Edition Custom Built for Chris Evans.” The car was revealed in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage last August 2018.

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Just as sweet as the gift itself is Evans’ retelling of how this gift came to be. He shares the Downey Jr. started asking him what kind of cars he liked one day, and pointing out cars they would pass by. It made him think: “In my head I’m like, ‘Is this guy going to give me a car? There’s no way he’s going to do this.’ And, then sure enough, I showed up on set one day and it was there.”

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RDJ even had the car secretly shipped to their filming location just so he could give it before filming wrapped! While Evans obviously appreciates the gift he admitted while on Jay Leno’s Garage that the car was “way out of [his] league.”

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Now that Avengers: Endgame is actually out and we can really feel that this is the end of an era, it makes RDJ’s gift that much more poignant. It reminds you that the ties among all these characters we’ve loved for so long are real. That makes dealing with it both easier and harder, somehow.

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