Rizal’s Descendant Calls for Demolition of Torre de Manila

One of Rizal’s descendants, Isaac Reyes, stood at Luneta Park and held signs calling for the demolition of Torre de Manila. On the photo, Reyes stood at the vicinity of Rizal’s monument and behind the monument is what many people call an eyesore, Torre de Manila.

One of the signs Reyes held said, “Bayan muna bago Torre de Manila.” (Rough translation: Country first before Torre de Manila)

On the other hand, the sign he held said, “Demolish the Torre de Manila.”

Reyes is a descendant of Saturnina, Rizal’s eldest sister.

Previously, other groups have already pushed for the demolition of said structure. Oral arguments with the Supreme Court have been finished with regards to the petition to demolish Torre de Manila.

At present, Reyes has supported the Change.org petition to demolish Torre de Manila.

What is your take regarding Torre de Manila?

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