Rico Blanco calls out musicians who cancel on their gigs

Gigs are a blessing, no matter the profession. It means exposure or a paycheck, but more importantly, it means someone trusted you enough to take on the project. That’s why canceling on an agreement is a big no-no. Musician Rico Blanco seems to agree as he called out other musicians who flake on their gigs.

In a tweet, he said, “listen, artists and managers. When you confirm a gig, no matter how small, you have a responsibility to HONOR ur commitment even if another gig comes along later on. It’s a very small scene – ditching a small gig for a bigger one is very unprofessional and makes u look really cheap.”

He added, “I gave up the opportunity of touring the US and UK and recording with Wheatus in 2005 to come home and do one SEA Games gig. Yes, it was painfully hard to fathom and accept but I did it anyway. I have not flaked on a single gig/guesting 26 years and counting. It’s about principles.”

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