Revolutionary Cooking Utensils that Will Make Your Life Easier: Masflex Evolution

Revolutionary Cooking Utensils that Will Make Your Life Easier: Masflex Evolution


Dear cooking enthusiasts, mommies, chefs in training, foodies, and everyone else who loves spending time in the kitchen, I’m going to tell you a secret and something that will make your life easier. I know we all want to relax after long hours of preparing food. We just want to indulge in the efforts spent making at least one dish. Then comes the cleaning up. It is and always will be a hassle, especially when food gets stuck at the bottom of a pan. Either you have to scrub it all off and ruin the pan, or soak it in soapy water and wait overnight. Well, Masflex is here to the rescue! They’re introducing a new line of Ceramic Non-Stick Kitchen Cookware.

Masflex Evolution Cooking UtensilsMasflex 7-piece kitchen utensil set (left); various Masflex ceramic non-stick cookware (right)


Inspired by nature, this new line from Masflex shows their love and passion for cooking in addition to their concern for the environment. They call this the Evolution Cookware due to its full range of ceramic coated eco-friendly cooking utensils that can be used with induction stoves. All Masflex Evolution Cookware is made with Dyflon Ceramic Coating, their exclusive PFOA Free Non-stick coating. 

With this new technology of revolutionary solid ceramic non-stick Dyflon Coating from Korea, it is almost impossible for your food to, well, stick to your pan. Plus, since it is a non-toxic coating, it’s a much safer solution for healthy and eco-friendly cooking. 

Masflex Evolution Cooking UtensilsStainless steel base with dots for even heat distribution


Another feature of this ceramic non-stick cookware is that its bottom is made of stainless steel and a heavy gauge aluminum core for faster and even heating. It can even cook on induction stoves. 

As for the Masflex cooking utensils, they are made of food grade nylon, heat resistant (up to 210 degrees centigrade), and are dishwasher-safe. 

Masflex Evolution Cooking UtensilsMasflex Evolution collection


What I prepared with Masflex Evolution’s Cooking Utensils


Let me show you what I have been up to, experimenting with these lovely cooking utensils! First, you’ll be needing a bit of oil to preserve the non-stick magic of your new pans. You won’t be needing as much as you always use, though. My version of French Toast: Wheat bread + Egg + Spash of Milk + Cinnamon. Don’t forget your Masflex Ceramic Non-Stick Pan and your Masflex Slotted Turner!

Masflex Evolution Cooking UtensilsMasflex Ceramic Non-Stick Pan and French Toast


Masflex Evolution Cooking UtensilsMasflex Slotted Turner


The second experiment was deep frying food with the Masflex Ceramic Non-Stick Casserole. I filled the casserole with canola oil halfway through, set the stove on medium heat, and waited for 8-10 minutes until the oil was ready to use. Then, I slowly and carefully dropped the item that I wanted to fry. 

Masflex Evolution Cooking UtensilsMasflex Ceramic Non-Stick Casserole 


Full recipes and other dishes will be revealed in detail in the next article. Just keep busy in the kitchen and experiment on new recipes for now. The world of food is so much better when you know how it’s made and what is being used during preparation. With this new Masflex Evolution, you won’t have to worry about the aftermath anymore because it’s very easy to maintain. Just enjoy the cooking and the food!


More on Masflex Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware and Recipes next week!



Revolutionary Cooking Utensils that Will Make Your Life Easier: Masflex Evolution