Rev UP (MarkProf 2012 Roadshow): Learn about Leadership and Management from Top Company Leaders

When In Manila and with the intense professional global race ahead, what can future leaders do to prepare?

This July, college students, fresh graduates and industry experts will gather in a seminar entitled “Rev UP”. Rev UP aims to provide fresh insights and career tips on the leadership and management tracks, spearheaded by the University of the Philippines Association of Business Administration Majors (UP ABAM) and the nationally renowned MarkProf Foundation Inc., co-presented by Globe, and Business World.

Fast-track your career plans with insights from the industry experts. Get ready for MarkProf’s UP Diliman leg of roadshow which has UP ABAM as the partner student organization.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from various company leaders.  Also, they will get the chance to know more about MarkProf’s nationwide Search for Top 25 Marketing Management Trainees.  Accepted trainees will be mentored and will gain exposure to become high-flying marketers in the future. Freebies and certificates also await the attendees.

Speakers include: 

Major Masa – Jr. Product Manager – Garnier (L’Oreal Phils)
Jem Perez – Brand Manager, Unilever Phils.
Darlyn Ty – Owner, Belle De Jour Power Planners and the 2010 Young Market Masters awardee for Entrepreneurial Marketing


Students who signed up for the event can’t wait! Below are their comments:

“Definitely, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity one should not dare miss! I’m looking forward to discovering what it takes to succeed in the business world. Besides, it’s not every day that some of the country’s leading business minds gather in one place to share about their experiences and their journey to success. Just for that, I think it’s already a given that I should attend.” -Joanh Lualhati, from UP EURO

“After studying the theoretical side of marketing in the classroom, it’s now time to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Rev Up will definitely be able to provide me with an opportunity for this. Learning from top-notch industry professionals will not only expose me to the other practical facets of marketing, but also help me better understand what role this dynamic and engaging discipline plays in shaping the society we live in today”. -Diego de Ocampo, from UP Junior Marketing Association

Other interested parties are welcome to join this event on July 14, 1-6pm at UP Film Institute. 

So When In Manila, seize the opportunity to learn from the top industry players about leadership and management at Rev UP (MarkProf 2012 Roadshow)!

 Rev UP (MarkProf 2012 Roadshow)


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Rev UP (MarkProf 2012 Roadshow): Learn about Leadership and Management from Top Company Leaders


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