‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’ will Feature Rebecca Chambers from the Original RE Game

After ‘Resident Evil: Final Chapter‘, a new CG-animated Resident Evil movie is coming out; but this time with a face that only those who played the original Resident Evil game will remember.

Anyone who has played the original 1996 Resident Evil on the PlayStation will be familiar with Rebecca Chambers. Well, after a long time away, she’s finally getting some screen time again in the upcoming CG-animated film, ‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’.

Rebecca Chambers was a playable character in the original Resident evil game along with Chris Redfield, and was S.T.A.R. Bravo team’s rookie member out on her first-ever case. After the first game, she was only mentioned a couple of times throughout the franchise.

Now, she is back! Check out the trailer of Resident Evil: Vendetta below:

Are you excited for this? 🙂


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