Rescued Dog Gets Second Chance at Love When President Adopts Him as Country’s ‘First Dog’

In a fairy-tale twist of fate, Tori who was once the victim of the dog meat trade was swept up in an exciting life as South Korea’s “First Dog.” The country’s newly elected President Moon Jae-In adopted the four-year old black mixed breed from a shelter last July, sending a message of hope to animal lovers worldwide.

Although awareness for animal welfare in South Korea is growing, the dog meat trade is still alive and legal in the country.

South Korea President Adopts a Rescued Dog

Moon adopted Tori from the shelter operated by Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), an animal rescue group in South Korea.

Animal abandonment is also a problem. The president’s Facebook Page announced that about one million animals find new owners, but 300,000 are abandoned each year in South Korea. In his campaign platform, Moon pledged to strengthen animal rights, pledging to pay more attention to abandoned animals.

Tori had to wait two years to find a home, as he was discriminated upon due to his dark fur. Worldwide, dark furred pets are less likely to get adopted compared with light-furred pets.

His rough and lonely days are behind him now, though. He will join Moon’s two other pets, a 10-year-old Korean-breed Pungsan dog called Maru and a former stray cat, Jjing-jing.

Photo Credit: @TheBlueHouseKR on Facebook