Replacing Your Worn-Out Wallet? One of These Nifty and Handy Wallets Might Be the Best Choice!

Over the last few years, we’ve been proud to bring exclusively curated men’s carry items from around the world to our audience of in person customers in Manila, and our extended family of customers online at our website. We love providing stylish, functional carry items to men. We believe it has an instrumental role in defining a man’s look and is part of the foundation of confidence needed to succeed in today’s world.

Each time we look at the most popular items one brand routinely stays ahead of the others. Our customers love this particular brand, in all of its variations. After asking lots of customers why, we started to get a feel for why this product is so popular with our customers.

Hailing from two beautiful beach towns in Australia, Bellroy not only combines the name Bells Beach and Fitzroy, but they also excel at design creativity and functionality that’s unmatched in the carry category. Their wallets range for all types of needs, and this is where we found the consistent home of our nation’s favorite wallet.

The Philippines Favorite Versatile Carry Item

Bellroy has a number of different sized carry items for men, but the smaller sized Note Sleeve and Slim Sleeve always please our modern urban Filipino man. For starters, the sizes on the Bellroy slim options are well under the standard wallet you might buy from a big department store.


Bellroy wallets are made with size in mind for someone who is functional in a number of different arenas and travel scenarios. And for men who need a wallet that moves around a lot, the Carry Out wallet fulfills every size requirement with a attitude of elegance built into the design.


Understated Functionality Where It Counts

One of the major factors that makes this line our best seller is that it offers functionality that other brands don’t think of. If you’ve ever held a Bellroy you know that there is versatility everywhere.  The designers understand the needs of a tough exterior built to last years of multiple environmental changes, along with diversity on the inside.


What you get, is a forward design that accommodated the multi-layered modern man. Key cards, full bills, receipts, business cards, change and more. Everything has it’s place here. Urban Traveller customers rarely see a scenario where they need a pocket or don’t have a space for a much needed carry item.

A Wallet Designed For A Man’s Urban Needs

Bellroy gets design. Starting with a multitude of color options that match any taste or style, Bellroy goes beyond aesthetics. Quick access to your most needed essentials are easy to access at any angle in Bellroy wallets.


Your most used credit cards and bills are always accessible with this wallet. The design goes beyond easy access and provides a pull tab for lesser used cards and has a slim silhouette so you can fit in a jacket or pants without being noticed from the outside.

Much Needed Urban Space

Slim wallets are great for looks and functionality, but one of the surprising reasons these wallets fly off our shelves is that there is literally space for everything inside of it. Here’s what’s included:

  • Coin pouch
  • Full size flat bill space
  • Featured cards
  • ID card space
  • Outside pocket
  • Key hideaway

Everything here is critical in moving about urban Manila every day, and for the affluent man, these wallets are ideal for daily life.

Attention to detail is what can make or break a career, a deal, a reputation or a look. This is why we love picking and providing great men’s style carry items. We’ve tried every single one of our products and only offer them because we know they affect the look and feel of man with every purchase. If you want to complete a look, refine your style, or show your attention to detail, Bellroy is a great choice. It’s been our most popular wallet for a reason.

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