7 Useful Essentials Every Remote Worker Should Have

Most of the world may have returned to the office, but remote workers have already accepted the new normal as… well, normal.

Remote work demands a different kind of lifestyle, and there are a few essentials and must-haves that will make work-from-anywhere easier and more convenient.

Whether you’re a remote worker veteran or you’ve only started this career journey, these remote work essentials will guarantee a much better work-life:

1. A go-to coworking space

After months of working from home, it can get pretty monotonous and repetitive. Sometimes, remote workers just need a change in environment to boost productivity and rekindle that motivation.

An important but mostly overlooked essential for remote workers is a go-to place to work when the home office just isn’t cutting it.

kings city 1

Photo from Kings City

Kings City is a stunning coworking space in Parañaque City—and it just might be one of the most beautiful co-working spaces we’ve encountered.

If you’re searching for a space that will help your creative juices flow, then there’s no better place than Kings City.

Their coworking space is so tastefully and intricately designed that you’re guaranteed to find inspiration one way or another. You’re guaranteed to instantly fall in love with their modern furniture, neutral beige walls, and overall quirky yet tasteful workspaces.

kings city 2 scaled e1662790595132

Photo from Kings City

Kings City is also a versatile space for whatever your needs may be. They offer daily hotdesks, dedicated desks for individual workers, meeting rooms, a studio for creatives, a phone booth for taking private calls, and even a highly customizable and stylish event space.

What you’ll surely love about Kings City is the bonus perks aside from having an Instagrammable space to work in!

kings city 3

Photo from Kings City

You can enjoy high-speed internet, unlimited coffee, charging stations, and an abundance of stylish corners for your TikToks or daily IG post. Plus, they also have a great community of remote workers and even workshops and community events you can join.

Their daily rate starts at only PHP300!

Visit Kings City at Ground Level, RCS Building, Dona Soledad Avenue, Betterliving, Paranaque. They’re open from Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 10 PM.

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2. Hot and hearty meals to-go

It’s difficult to go on working for the rest of the day with an empty stomach. You need delicious and substantial meals to keep you going while you work remotely!

wok alley

Wok Alley is a newly-opened hole-in-the-wall food spot that serves savory rice meals and loaded noodles.

Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Wok Alley is set to be the next go-to food spot for workers, students, and anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle.

wok alley 2

They serve all their meals in picture-perfect takeaway boxes that deserve a spot in your IG feed. Their space also provides a few cozy tables if you want to enjoy your meal there.

wok alley 3

Their amazing menu includes delicious Singapore-inspired fried rice which you can enjoy on its own or with either shrimp, salted fish, grilled chicken, or pork belly chashu.

This fried rice features premium Japanese pearl rice with spring onions and eggs.

wok alley 4

If you’re not up for fried rice, Wok Alley also serves flavorful noodle dishes—the stir-fried mee and stir-fried udon. They’re cooked in a tasty sweet and savory sauce with white onions, shredded cabbage, and spring onions.

Looking for something with a kick? You should definitely try the Madam Chan Spicy Pork Rice—a Singaporean recipe by the owner’s mom.

wok alley 5

Before enjoying your hearty meal, you can even enjoy watching them cook in the open kitchen with their innovative flameless wok stove.

With their dishes starting at PHP 195, Wok Alley offers an affordable fast food option for anyone who wants an on-the-go meal that’s satisfying, filling, and not like your usual fast food.

Wok Alley is located on the ground floor of Two Maridien Tower, 26th Street, Taguig.

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3. A powerful laptop

A powerful laptop is every remote worker’s lifeline. Whatever you do on a daily basis, your work laptop should be powerful enough to keep up!

c2b42e9d Prestige 14 Carbon Gray 3

Photo from MSI

Are you planning to get a new laptop for your remote work life? Consider the MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo laptop which is guaranteed to be a productivity booster.

MSI may be known for providing powerful laptops for gamers and creators, but they’re also making life easier for remote workers with their business and productivity laptop series.

gabbi garcia for msi

Photo from Gabbi Garcia

This series specifically caters to business needs with innovations in reliability and durability. The Summit E14Flip Evo features the latest 12th Gen. Intel® CoreTM up to i7 processor, providing you with a high-performing device that can meet your work needs.

Making sure that your business is only yours and no one else’s, this laptop series from MSI also gives you more privacy with Tobii Aware integration. It alerts you when someone behind you is looking at your screen!

This laptop is also protected with Tile’s tracking technology. You can find where your laptop is while using your phone.

7fe48e9b Prestige 14 Carbon Gray 1

Photo from MSI

This laptop from MSI also features a 360-degree hinge with a flip and share function. It also allows more versatility and flexibility—literally.

Of course, with remote work comes constant virtual meetings and video calls. MSI makes that easier with the Quadruple Mic with Al Noise Cancellation features, guaranteeing that everyone can hear you during meetings loud and clear.

With these productivity-boosting features plus the MSI Summit’s 14-inch screen and a powerful battery that can last for more than 16 hours, you’re sure to enjoy remote work with a lot more convenience and ease.

PS. Take advantage of this promo:

msi promo

Buy the MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo here!

4. A skin-friendly sanitizing spray

Remote work can mean that you’d encounter lots of new places and new surfaces. To make sure you’re safe and protected from bacteria and germs, a sanitizing spray is a must-have for anyone, especially in today’s circumstances.


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A post shared by Kleentect (@kleentect)

Kleentect has introduced the first sanitizing spray in the Philippines that’s gentle on the skin yet potent enough to kill bacteria.

This surface and skin sanitizer contains 75% ethyl alcohol and phospholipid technology from natural soybean to make sure your skin is also moisturized. This is the perfect sanitizer for sensitive skin.

It comes in a special spray bottle that releases a uniform mist and can be sprayed at any angle. This makes it easier to spray on every and any surface. When in doubt, you can liberally spray all over the air!

It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and has a refreshing green tea scent. If there’s anything you should always have in your bag (even when you’re off the clock!), it’s definitely this skin-friendly sanitizing spray.

Buy this Kleentect sanitizing spray here!

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5. A multimedia hub

This multimedia hub from Belkin will definitely bring your laptop to the next level. If your work requires a lot of extra accessories for your laptop, this multimedia hub is definitely a must-have.

This USB-C 11-in-1 hub has inputs for audio, external monitors, 3 USB ports, an ethernet port, and card readers.

It’s also specially designed so that it doubles as a laptop stand. That’s less clutter on your work desk! It earns bonus points for multi-functionality and space-saving features.

To level up your remote work experience, you should also check out more of Belkin’s computer accessories. They’ve got noise-canceling earbuds, sturdy charging cables, power plugs, and other varieties of multi-media hubs.

Their wireless chargers, car accessories, and network cables will also make remote work an easier experience!

Buy this 11-in-1 hub here!

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6. A durable reusable face mask

You can’t go anywhere these days without having a face mask. The MASQ Collection is a local brand that provides fashionable face masks that are guaranteed to keep you safe.

IMG 2278

Photo from The MASQ Collection

The MASQ has passed through 4 crucial tests that make sure these reusable masks will keep viruses and bacteria at bay. These reusable masks are also sturdy, breathable, and designed to fit snugly on your face.

They also have a wide array of fashionable and stylish designs that will definitely make heads turn. With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your personality.

You should also watch out for their special designs such as Pokemon and Harry Potter!

Shop for reusable face masks from The MASQ Collection here!

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7. Vitamins

It helps to take care of our bodies, especially when work brings us to lots of places. Stock up on vitamins and make sure to take them daily.


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A post shared by Immunogard (@immunogardph)

Immunogard offers Vitamin C with Zinc to boost your immunity. This is definitely a must-have whether you’re working remotely or working in the offices! With the changes in weather and the current health crisis, it’s definitely an advantage to have Vitamin C in your bag at all times.

Buy Immunogard here!

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What are your remote work essentials? Share it with us!

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