Reebok Philippines Has New Apparel for Empowered Women


When In Manila, let’s look into what makes an empowered woman.


To empower is ‘to equip or supply with ability.’ But empowerment to me is equal to beauty. It is strength, wisdom, determination and kindness combined. And while the media may place a high degree of importance to physical beauty, being attractive is not confined to beauty that we see. Confucius was right when he said: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. “ recently got invited to the launch of Reebok easy tone apparel and footwear that also featured eight accomplished Filipino women who are all reaping success in their fields of endeavor. The event that was held in Trinoma mall in Quezon City. It also included a demo of the Zumba workout that successfully made the audience groove to the beat.




At the Reebok launch, selected women were featured in a fashion show – wearing some of the stylish and colorful Reebok EasyTone apparel and footwear. Before the end of the show, EasyTone brand ambassador Nikki Gil joined them onstage. Collectively, they are called The Women of Reebok.  






The Reebok EasyTone apparel is FINALLY here! Launched last Thursday, 15th of September, at the Trinoma Activity Center, the EasyTone line is well on its way to making true Reebok’s commitment to make you look and feel good as you get moving.


Both EasyTone footwear and apparel combine function and style that’s fashionable enough for everyday wear, yet is signed to help provide toning benefits as you move.


To reinforce EasyTone’s message of fit and active lifestyle without compromising fashion and intelligent style, Reebok has tapped empowered Filipina women to represent the brand: Bow Valdez, Rowena Aquino, Pearl Managuelod, Kassy Pajarillo, Nikki Gil, Nina Terol-Zialcita, Betty Romero, Vicky Ras, Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou, and Darlene Anderson.


Get to know them one by one…


Bow Valdez

Bow is a certified Yogi and Co-owner of FLOW YOGA CENTER ALABANG. She believes that challenges build a person’s character, whether you are on or off the mat.  So expect equal parts of challenge and ease as the usual recipe in her flow class together with Reebok.







Betty Romero


An educator for the last 21 years, Betty embraces education, empowerment and enlightenment as her advocacy and passion. She is the Deputy Director of Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc, as well as Principal of Lifeline Foundation South City Central School, a Kinder to High School in BF Paranaque.  



Nina Terol-Zialcita


Aside from being the co-founder of Writer’s Block Philippines, she is editor-in-chief of AsianTraveler Magazine and author of numerous blogs, opinion columns, and books; Nina is also a new media social entrepreneur who uses social media for social good. When she is not writing, blogging, or traveling, she is organizing projects and advocating causes. Thanks to Reebok’s EasyTone, Niña can stay on the go and keep up her tight balancing act.



Rowena Aquino


Zumba Fitness Instructor. The 50’s won’t stop her from surprising herself. She aims to make every woman dance, and dance some more or get back into the groove they once possessed. Together with Reebok Easytone, she feels younger and is able to move even better. 50, she says, is the new 30. 



Nikka Sarthou


When she’s not wearing her writer’s hat, Nikka Sarthou indulges in her passion for traveling. Sometimes, she gets to combine the two when she travels for writing assignments. Reebok’s EasyTone line helps her keep up with her hectic yet flexible lifestyle and manage her work as Co-founder of Writer’s Block Philippines, Contributing Editor for Smile, Content Manager for, and a Manila correspondent for FilipinoStar News – Michigan edition.






Darlene Anderson


Not your ordinary Model/Actress, Darlene has a degree in Theater Arts from Central Saint Martins in London. She spends most of her time doing castings, helping street children by hosting charity events and whips vegan cakes for a living.  At a young age 19, Darlene is poised to conquer the world with her own brand of style, talent and passion for kids and animals. She is kept right on track by the EasyTone apparel she loves to wear. 



Anna Santos


A merry mix of contradictions that would probably make a good cocktail: part single girl and part mother. Ana was once a banker, and is now a journalist and sexual health advocate. Apart from being co-founder of Writer’s Block Philippines, she is the Associate Editor of Illustrado Magazine and Editorial Director of Sex and which promotes positive sexuality and informed choice. She may wear many hats, but she only needs one pair of trainers–Reebok Easytone to make sure she stays on track.


Kassy Pajarillo


More than just another Reebok face and a certified fitness enthusiast, Kassy’s love is beyond Reebok apparel, style and effective shoes. She juggles mindboggling opportunities from managing FTW Magazine and other business ventures, hence, her often-busy schedule. Losing weight is the bonus. Kassy Manages to keep up a healthy lifestyle by surrounding herself with positive people, getting into a lot of activities and always wearing her EasyTone apparel and shoes.


Vicky Ras


Vicky Ras is a 30-something chronicler of life as experienced in supersized measures of beauty, pain, victories, failures and passions. She is a writer, PR and Communications practitioner, ultra runner, and a force of nature with a chronic case of the ‘elsewheres’. Her work takes her to a lot of places, strangely foreign some of them, and she balances life, work, athletic pursuits and the intricate web of events in between by following a disciplined fitness regimen where EasyTone proves to be a great ally.



Pearl Managuelod


Yoga is the dance of her life. Running, swimming, and nature tripping are among the many things that keep her active, in addition to being a yogi and an entrepreneur. Pearl is also a full-time single mom who makes sure that her children have got everything they need. From teaching a yoga class, running a yoga studio, and taking care of her kids, she balances her lifestyle in comfort of Reebok flip-flops. That’s why, amidst all the sweat of joy from the yoga positions she teaches; keeping her yoga studio operating smoothly; carrying on with her life’s interests; and driving her kids to and from school, she still manages a graceful youth and an effervescent look.


Nikki Gil


Nikki Gil is beauty and brains combined. Actress, VJ, model, singer and host, she first captivated the hearts of the Filipino audience and showbiz followers when she appeared in a Coca Cola ad in 2005. Since then, she has recorded several albums, acted in movies and musical plays and appeared countless in print and tv commercials, as well as magazine covers. For Nikki, living healthy and being fit are non-negotiable. So even when juggling projects, she still finds time to do some workout – wearing her favorite Reebok EasyTone tops, pants, and shoes.






When In Manila, good health empowers a woman and this is achieved through proper diet, regular exercise, and developing an attitude of gratitude to God – whatever our circumstances may be. When you are at peace with yourself and with everyone else, it adds a healthy glow to your face. When you have peace, you radiate positive energy and this translates to healthier relationships and an empowered life.






Reebok Philippines Has New Apparel for Empowered Women



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