Red Light: The Power of Art in Community Development

As a local creative hub, Pineapple Lab has dedicated itself to finding innovative ways to showcase the works of Filipino art makers, international artists, and collaborators. This has led Pineapple Lab to intersect with France’s Taverne · Gutenberg, a unique art center that is fast becoming a pace-setter in the City of Lyon. The brainchild of French-Filipina Maïa d’Aboville and French artist Henri Lamy [Art], this creative hub houses a gallery, art studios, a bar, and offers an artist-in-residency program similar to Pineapple Lab. Taverne Gutenberg explores multi-cultural creativity and synergy, the two elements that propelled these two young and dynamic organizations both established in 2015, to create a bridge between France and the Philippines.

Ugnayan Sa Poblacion opens in Pineapple Lab on October 25, 2017, with a group show entitled Red Light highlighting the power of art in community development. This evening will feature a performance and exhibit by international artists: Henri Lamy [Art] (, Chufy (, Alexandre Beretta & Abdoul K. Seck, in collaboration with celebrated Filipino artists Agnes Arellano and Billy Bonnevie. While this collaboration features a rich interaction between Pineapple Lab and Taverne Gutenberg, it is also a homecoming of sorts for Maïa d’Aboville who has deep roots in the Philippines, a country also cherished by her husband Henri Lamy. The core of the Taverne Gutenberg program in the Philippines will also be centered on sharing the organization’s passion for the arts with marginalized communities by giving free art workshops to their NGO partners specialized in helping street children and youth at risk like Project Pearls, Virlanie Foundation Philippines, Stairway Foundation, Inc., and ACAY Philippines – France to name a few.

Creativity has the capacity to empower artists and respond to certain issues, challenge injustices, increase social consciousness, and elicit actions by community members. These create long-term ripples of effects that resonate beyond the first impact. Pineapple Lab and Taverne Gutenberg focus on the encounters and connections made by Lyon-based artists with their Filipino counterparts – attempting to affect transformative change through artistic expression and engagement.

During the seven-week residency, Parisian filmmaker Simon Dubreucq ( and local media production company Sine de Pro ( will collaborate to create a documentary which will trace each aspect of the « Ugnayan sa Poblacion » project. Our French volunteer photographer Lionel Rault ( will also take part of the Philippine adventure.


As part of its commitment to fostering meaningful civic engagement, Pineapple Lab provides and encourages its local community access to the Lab’s programs and interactions with arts practitioners. Through creative placemaking – art, culture, and creativity are the software which initiate transformation and progress in service to the community.


Taverne · Gutenberg is a creative hub created by Maïa d’Aboville (interactive designer) & Henri Lamy [Art] (international artist) in September 2015. What used to be an abandoned three-storey-high apartment building is now transformed into a space of creative exchanges and encounters. It is located in the city-center of Lyon (second biggest city in France).

Since September, the team has quickly grown and now counts 17,000 members, over 400 participating artists, 15 resident artists and a team of young volunteers, passionate about making a difference through art and culture.

SPONSORS of “Ugnayan sa Poblacion” program

Z Hostel Philippines


Times Trading

Embassy of France to the Philippines and Micronesia

Inis Alga

Olivia d’Aboville

Malasimbo Demo & Eco farm

Wonderfly / Anton Alvarez


KIWI Collectif Créatif

Sine De Oro

Casa de Memoria

Museo Pambata

Alliance française de Manille


Qube Gallery

KAPWA Studio

Barangay San Lorenzo, Makati




Art Plus Magazine

adobo magazine


Stairway Foundation, Inc.

Project Pearls

ACAY Philippines – France

Virlanie Foundation Philippines

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