Red Box Karaoke Eastwood: The BEST Karaoke and Sushi Party in Manila


 Red Box Karaoke Eastwood: The BEST Karaoke and Sushi Party in Manila 

When in Manila, what’s a better way to wind down (after a strenuous day at school or work) than just eating good food? Having a karaoke party, of course!!! But if you’re in the mood for both, gather all of your friends and party all day/night long at Red Box Karaoke EASTWOOD. Without any exaggeration, I believe that they offer the THE BEST KARAOKE PARTY IN MANILA, and, in an interesting twist, they serve FANTASTIC SUSHI ROLLS, which suit perfectly well with your ice-cold beverages or cocktails as you sing your hearts out!

Red Box Karaoke Eastwood 


What sets Red Box Karaoke apart from the other karaoke venues all over Metro Manila (and believe me, there’s almost always one karaoke joint on every major road in the metro) is that they offer an interesting and UNIQUE dining experience; you get to have three options: you may dine A LA CARTE (or order food on your own, which is the only choice in other karaoke bars), BUFFET (bottomless great food galore!), and, the most intriguing option, SUSHI SAMBA, where they offer distinctive varieties of sushi inspired by and/or named after popular songs. How cool is that!


 My friends and I visited Red Box Karaoke EASTWOOD in order to try five of these popular rolls. In a word, these rolls are AMAZING!

Red Box Karaoke Sushi Plate: Grenade (salmon • tobiko • anago aburi sauce • deep fried)

True to its name, Grenade will explode in your mouth as you savor the saltiness of the fish-flavored wrap and your tongue savors the hint of salmon’s delicate and light taste, neutralized by the rice and, again, punctuated with the saltiness of the anago aburi sauce. Kaboom!


Red Box Karaoke Sushi Plate: Sushilicious (torched salmon • unagi • melted cheese • avocado)

This was the crowd’s favorite! Majority of my friends, recalling all of the rolls they tried, named Sushilicious as the clear champion of their taste buds. I’m guessing the reason why we all loved it was due to the melted cheese that made the unagi’s tangy taste almost neutral and blending well but to the point where the salmon and avocado are rocking and rolling, like how a pizza does, in your mouth. Yum! 

Red Box Karaoke Sushi Plate: Walking on Sunshine (shrimp tempura • mango • tobiko • aburi sauce)

Fun in three words: Walking on Sunshine! It’s as bright and bubbly as its name, and you will feel the summer vibe of this sweet and tasty mix, though very reminiscent of California Maki because of the shrimp and the mango wrap. I guess that’s the fun part of biting into these rolls: the mango kicks your palate first thing, and you’re hypnotized into believing that life is a happy, quirky song. And in Red Box Karaoke EASTWOOD, it is true!

Red Box Karaoke Sushi Plate: La Isla Bonita (tobiko • avocado • kani • itogaki flakes • salmon skin)

Imagine youself in Hawaii or on any island where the soft, white, bubbly waves are gently nuzzling your feet and your lover approaches you with a refreshing drink. That’s how it felt like when I took a bite of La Isla Bonita. It’s very fluffy, mushy, and light, and the texture makes you feel as if you’re munching on the squishiest meal on the planet. Exhilarating! 

Red Box Karaoke Sushi Plate: The Way You Make Me Eel (unagi • mango • kani • anago sauce)

Unagi used to scare me: it’s salty and bony, and the taste feels like it’s a badass fish meat. But this roll is not just one of the best looking sushi rolls they served us, but it’s also the most memorable in its savoriness.  The eel meat feels well-marinated in the anago sauce and the mango smashes the taste perfectly onto one’s taste buds. D-eel-icious!



At Red Box Karaoke Karaoke with my friends Alex, Paolo and Angela, enjoying their favorite, Sushilicious!



Chewey couldn’t hide how she feels about the yummy goodness of the Sushi Samba selections of Red Box Karaoke!



I really believe that it’s very wise for Red Box Karaoke  to offer their SUSHI SAMBA selections to karaoke lovers; while the singers are resting after singing their hearts out, they can just grab their chopsticks and tweeze a sushi, the perfect pica-pica which can also equate to a full meal. And for us, Filipinos, majority of us say that we never had a meal unless there’s rice and meat! Hence, Sushi is the perfect food for a very Filipino karaoke party!


Of course, the most important feature of any karaoke bar is the singing experience. The basics first: the acoustics of the very spacious room assigned to us was pretty fantastic. The sound system was topnotch, and it was easy to navigate through their song list through a screen activated by a remote control.


Are you picky with the song selections? Fret no more! Their song library is very extensive and we were surprised to find so many song selections which are not at all available in other karaoke bars—and I’m saying this with authority as I have been in at least 15 karaoke bars all over Metro Manila. Haha! My friend EJ, who’s into Broadway musicals, was surprised to find in the song list some of the obscure or rare Broadway songs available on any karaoke bar or even portable magic microphones / music video games. Unbelievable! 


But the reason why I proclaim that Red Box Karaoke is offering the BEST KARAOKE PARTY experience can be observed when you survey the heart and soul of a karaoke event: the singing experience. Many karaoke bars usually feature a generic video of songs being sung: for some music karaoke videos, they feature bizarre manga/anime characters which dance to the beat and lyrics being shown; some feature cheesy and phony videos of models emoting with the mood of the song; some even promote local and international travel destinations; and a few even show provocative female starlets dancing even to the tune of the most innocent song. Worse, sometimes, for music, what you get is a strange MIDI or computer-generated instrumental music that sounds corny, off-putting, and annoying. These are not what you’ll find on the screens as you sing your favorite song in a Red Box Karaoke  party room. What you will see (and hear!!!) are the original music video and arrangement of the songs, minus the voice of the lead singer. I thought that this feature is FANTASTIC because as you sing, you get to feel the song the way you remember or relate to it when you started loving that song. I never thought that this feature matters, but Red Box Karaoke will now always be the ultimate exemplar which other karaoke bars I would go to would measure up against. You will enjoy the singing experience most in Red Box Karaoke, bar none!


And in addition to all of these, Red Box Karaoke also has so many great features. They have a room with a billiards table, and the one which we got last night featured a… GUITAR HERO!!!  I don’t know about you, but for me, GUITAR HERO is an awesome feature of any party. The GUITAR HERO comes free to be used if availed by a group of ten. 

My friends, playing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. 




Alex banging the drum set!




And me, ripping the guitar!


Red Box Karaoke also has so many promos for everyone. They have the Red Box Karaoke  ELVIS HOUR, which is P199 per person from 12NN to 2PM; LADIES NIGHT every Tuesday Night, free head charge for all the ladies from 7PM to 12mn; the  Red Box Karaoke  AFTER SCHOOL HAPPY HOURS, from 3 to 7PM, university students get a discount based on this schedule: Miriam College (Mondays), University of Asia and the Pacific (Tuesdays), University of the Philippines (Wednesdays), Ateneo de Manila (Thursday), All Universities (Fridays); the Red Box Karaoke  DRINK ALL YOU CAN HAPPY HOURS from 3PM to 7PM; and the Red Box Karaoke  DRINK ALL YOU CAN AFTER HOURS, 12MN to 3AM, Fridays and Saturdays. Included in the “drink all you can hours” are local beers, gin-tonic, vodka-tonic, rhum cola, etc. You may learn more about their other promos and events by visiting the Red Box Karaoke website listed below.

These two ladies had a blast with the Red Box Karaoke experience!

On behalf of my friends, thank you, Red Box Karaoke EASTWOOD! That was an awesome KARAOKE PARTY! We’ll surely come back!


When in Manila and in the mood for karaoke and sushi party, there is no other place to consider: head to Red Box Karaoke EASTWOOD!!! 

Red Box Karaoke EASTWOOD

4th Floor, Eastwood City Mall

Call 355-7921 to reserve a room.

Red Box Karaoke Karaoke Website –


Other Branches: Red Box Karaoke Greenbelt, Red Box Karaoke Cebu, and Red Box Karaoke Star Trinoma



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