Reasons Why You Should Visit Liw-Liwa, Zambales

Liw-liwa has become a go-to place for me and my friends; we’ve been coming back here for over a year now. Liw-Liwa is tucked inside San Felipe in Iba, Zambales. We go here every time: a) we have the money, b) we have the time, and c) we can’t take the chaos and pollution of Manila anymore.

It is an easy getaway from the noise and chaos of the city. I know there are other nearby beaches like Quezon and La Union that are only 4 to 5 hours away, but I’ll give you 5 reasons why we choose Liw-Liwa to be our go-to place:

5. It’s affordable.

Beds cost P400 per night inclusive of the mosquito net Beds cost P400 per night inclusive of the mosquito net

You can get to Zambales by car or by bus. Bus fare costs P270 going to San Felipe from Manila. We pitch in P500 each for when we’re using a car. That P500 covers the back and forth toll and gas fees. That’s double the difference, but the convenience of bringing a vehicle is always worth it.

The hostels in Liw-Liwa range from P400 to 1,400 per night. You can choose from different accommodations that you will discover as you get to Liw-Liwa.


When it comes to food, you can always buy something from the market and cook it in the place you’re staying at. You can ask to use the grill. Just buy uling and make sure you know how to start a fire. Some hostels allow use of their kitchen.

On the other hand, you can live with P150-P200/day buying food from Tita Fely’s or Mommy Phoebe’s canteen. They both sell silogs, fruit shakes, canned goods, and Mommy Phoebe sells ihaw-ihaw in the afternoon.

4. It’s near

Why Liw-Liwa is great 3

From Antipolo City, we manage to get to BCL in 3 to 5 hours; 3 hours if we only stop to eat once and we don’t have to pee. Although, considering the traffic, this is only achievable if you leave at dawn, maybe at 1am to 3am. Yes, these are not the hours you would choose to get out of bed, but this is important if you want to bypass the traffic. Besides, leaving at these hours will be compensated by the magnificent morning view that will be waiting for you in SCTEX.

3. It’s not crowded

Why Liw-Liwa is great 15

Unlike other beaches or surfing spots near Manila, not a lot of people visit or know Liw-Liwa, which makes it more interesting. Usually, when we go there, we are the only guests in the hostel and the only ones walking the sandy streets of Liw-Liwa.

2. The relaxing ambiance

Why Liw-Liwa is great 13

When in Liw-Liwa, you can have all the relaxing you need; sit and stare, drink and laugh, or swim and surf. Also, for non-surfers like myself, it is fun to watch the sun set and the surfers, beginners or professionals, hit the waves.


Surfing lessons are offered in the area for beginners at 400/hour or 200/hour if you were to just rent a surfboard.

1. The worthwhile view

I’ll leave it to the pictures to speak for itself.

Why Liw-Liwa is great 18

Why Liw-Liwa is great 19

Why Liw-Liwa is great 7

You’ll discover there are much more things to love about Liw-Liwa, that the travel time will always seem nothing once you get there.


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