READ: This Incident in Muntinlupa Is Another Reason to Be Extra Vigilant in Parking Lots

Suzanne Carandang Vicente shared her experience online about a holdup incident she experienced at the parking lot of a mall in Muntinlupa City. On the morning of September 12, she was in her car after picking up her groceries when a man with a gun approached her and asked her to unlock the back seat. “Huwag kang sisigaw, huwag kang gagawa ng gulo kung hindi, papatayin kita,” the man told her.

“At that moment, I couldn’t move my body, my hands and legs were shaking, I couldn’t even talk, my throat and lips became dry. While he was sitting in the back seat, he told me to drive and leave the place immediately,” Suzanne recalled. “While I was driving, I thought I could no longer make it back home–that this man at the back seat, in a snap, would shoot me dead anytime.” The woman silently prayed for the ability to stay calm and focused.

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All of her mobile phones and ATM cards along with her IDs were stolen, as well as her designer bracelet which she had worn for 20 years. Apparently, the jewelry required a tool to get removed but the gunman threatened her again.”Pilitin mong tanggalin kundi papatayin kita,” he said. Suzanne pleaded as she was just about to pay tuition fees, which the man unfortunately disregarded.

“While we were moving, all the stuff in my bag was being transferred to his big backpack. He even asked for the passwords of my mobile phones.” For almost 30 minutes, a gun was pointed at the lady until she dropped him off along Service Road. “This is the most horrible thing that ever happened to me in my 45 years of existence,” she claimed.

As soon as she got home, Suzanne posted her story to warn her friends in parking lots and possible text message scams they might receive from her previous phone number. “I am posting this not to scare everyone but to be aware that even in a parking area where you are supposed to feel safe because there are security guards around, is no longer safe too.” She is still grateful for being able to arrive home safe and unharmed.

The next day, the mall posted an announcement on Facebook which states that they were conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. They also reassured their shoppers and tenants that their security measures were being reviewed.

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