READ: ‘Saving Sally’ Team Responds To Online Basher

The entries for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival are now showing in cinemas nationwide starting yesterday, December 25, 2016.

While a lot of people praised the films and the teams behind them, there were also some who chose to look the other way. And just like all the other festivals before, there were a mix of applause and thumbs down from the audience.

Well, here’s what the ‘Saving Sally’ team has to say to an online basher who criticized the film.

“Any animated film by Pixar or Disney takes at least four years, and they employ a staff of hundreds of people. They have advanced computers and massive budgets. Saving Sally was made by a core group of only 5 animators in a small house in Teacher’s Village with a small budget. The western animators who have seen the film are amazed by what the team was able to achieve with limited resources. And Saving Sally has been invited to several international film festivals next year. Just thought this would help you understand why it took ten years. Let’s support each other and not bring each other down. We hope one day you achieve your dream and no one makes fun of your hard work.”

Such a well-constructed response for a well-done film.

This is just a simple reminder to everyone that while it’s not wrong to criticize, we make sure that it’s done in a constructive way and not destructive. After all, aren’t we all just working hard for our dreams?

On the other hand, here’s a screen caption of some positive reactions from people who watched the film.

Make sure to catch Saving Sally and all the other entries for MMFF 2016 while they’re still showing. For the mean time, here’s the trailer of Saving Sally.

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