READ: Project Alagalaan Reminds Travelers Not To Risk Sea Creatures’ Lives For Photos

Almost every weekend, we hear of a new must-go destination that our travel-loving wanderer friend has recently explored. May it be a popular beach in some island, or a newly unearthed sanctuary, we must always remember that the even though traveling comes with a price; it should not be at the expense of the environment.

Just recently, Project Alagalaan posted a reminder on how travelers should not hold and disturb sea stars in their natural habitat just to take good travel photos. However, it seems like some people did not receive the message and continued to risk and threaten sea creatures.

And so, the environmental advocates from the page released another post that aims to educate travelers regarding sustainable tourism and being environmentally responsible while visiting these places. In their Facebook post, they warned tourists against the effects of holding sea horses above water. Read the full post below.

Again, together with Project Alagalaan, we would like to remind everyone to think twice before risking a life just for a photo. Please don’t do it for the ‘gram.

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