READ: Netizen Compares VP Candidates to Lord of the Rings Characters

READ Netizen Compares VP Candidates to Lord of the Rings Characters

Much has been said about the recently-held vice presidential debate. From one candidate’s tone of speaking to how another answered allegations of corruption, social media was ablaze with analyses and criticism. Besides the sheer entertainment of watching six adults sling mud against each other, it was an important venue for the electorate to learn more about platforms instead of relying on questionable social media posts.

But for one observant netizen, who is also a geek, found comparison between the candidates and characters from The Lord of the Rings.

If you’re not familiar with LOTR, it is a fantasy series written by J.R.R. Tolkien and adapted into several films. The story is complex, but basically, it is about the One Ring created by the Dark Lord Sauron, which he intends to use to conquer all of Middle Earth. Some of the series’s well-loved characters are the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, the Elven prince Legolas Greenleaf, the wizard Gandalf, and Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

Check out his comparisons below:

On Alan Cayetano:

Allan Peter Cayetano, Gimly almost always – aggressive, fearless, but often a little too vague. Though I can see why he appeals to other people. Kept namedropping Duterte, maybe as much as attacking Bobong Marcos, seems a little too reckless. Comical at times, but overall, an interesting character.

On Antonio Trillanes:

Antonio Trillanes, Elrond after the initial fall of Sauron – also upfront and has conviction, but misguided. Stiff and old fashioned. Can never shake really shake off the image of him as anti-establishment. But his steadfastness could be of value for some aspects of governance.

On Gringo Honasan:

Gringo Honasan, Treebeard before the invasion of eisengard – well for one, this guy is old. Two, and I think more importantly, is I don’t feel like he really said a lot. Maybe it takes forever for him to make a stand on things too. Noticed this in the spare tire and internet topics.

On Bongbong Marcos:

Bobong Marcos, Golum – this corrupt dbag is all about self-gain. Also, felt as though he was playing the victim card. Really? Blaming the government for failure to compensate human rights claimants, whatta liar. Should be fed raw fish and left in a cave to think about his and his family’s wrongs.

On Chiz Escudero:

Chiz Escudero, Grima wormtongue – just shut up. It’s annoying when you talk. Also, seems as though the kind of guy na nagpapaikot ng ibang tao to suit his needs.

Last and definitely not least, Leni Robredo:

Leni Robredo, Galadriel always – ethereal, mature, wise, and has a mean streak/angas to her. This goddess answered questions precisely, eloquently, and elevated the discussions. Really the woman to beat. One with her people. Someday, she will give us all our own light, our Earendil.

Do you agree with the comparison? Share your thoughts below!

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