READ: How To Plan A Cat’s Purrday Pawty

It is both heartwarming and amazing to see how people are starting to treat their pets like their own family even up to the point that they throw parties on their pets’ birthdays.

Planning to throw one for your cat? Here are some tips on how to treat your feline baby on his special day.

5. Grooming

It is important for your cat to look his best on his special day. Start his day off by taking him to the local groomer for a relaxing bath and a flattering trim.

cats 3

4. Visit to the vet

Your baby is another year older so it is important that you are up to date with his vaccines and other medical requirements so he stays healthy for the next years.

3. A special treat

A cake made out of his favorite food might just be the perfect treat for him. Make him and his tummy know that today is a special day. 

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2. Invite pet friends over

Although cats would general want to mind their own business, your fur baby might enjoy having some play time with his fellow cats.

1. A gift

Whether it may be a new toy, a new bed, or just a new scoop for his cat litter, your cat will surely appreciate whatever gift you have for him. After all, he enjoys playing with papers and sleeping in shoe boxes so he’s not really the materialistic type.

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At the end of the day, after feeling all the special treatment you have given him on his special day, he might just give you a massage to tell you that he is also grateful for your love.

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