READ: Hilarious Tweets of Penguins on Viral Penguin Love Triangle Video

Following the viral video of two male penguins fighting over a female penguin, Twitter accounts of Husband Penguin, Wife Penguin and all the other penguins involved surfaced on the internet.

In just a couple of days, the accounts already have over 9,000-13,000 followers which shows how invested the netizens are on this penguin drama.

Check out some of the hilarious tweets below.

Wife Penguin shows everyone how happy she is of her decision based on her tweets about her new penguin lover.

Oh look, there’s also a Homewrecker Penguin account.

Decided that he’s over it, Husband Penguin is moving forward with his life.

As we are yet to find out what happens next to all these penguins, we’re pretty much sure of one thing – the people of the internet are undeniably creative and undoubtedly bored.

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