READ: Here’s Something to Remember on Your Next Carpool Ride

Sometimes, we avoid public transportation because we know that it’s not always 100% spick and span. That’s why most of us, opt to take the cab or even join a carpool when going somewhere.

Commuters beware! A study conducted by NetQuote discovered that ridesharing vehicles had far more germs than toilets. A swab test was made to determine the dirtiness of ridesharing cars. They swabbed the window buttons, seatbelts, steering wheel, gearshift, and door handles to look for colony forming unit numbers or CFU (this measures the possibility of germs to form small colonies).

Carpool 2

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The result was – ridesharing cars had it worse when it comes to germs. Carpools managed over 5 million CFU on the window controls and over 1 million CFU on seatbelts. On the other hand, bathroom toilet seats only have around 171 CFU.

So, the next time you ride a carpool, make sure to always bring alcohol for cleaning purposes.

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