READ: Former Assistant Director of Marilou Diaz-Abaya Shares the Director’s Rules on Set

READ Former Assistant Director of Marilou Diaz-Abaya Shares the Director's Rules on Set

Showbiz is regarded as one of the most high-pressure industries and there are plenty of horror stories about film executives, producers, and directors who take advantage of those working under them. Director Marilou Diaz-Abaya is not one of them.

Diaz-Abaya is known as one of the stalwarts of Philippine cinema, having been part of the Second Golden Age of Philippine Cinema and for directing films like Brutal, Karnal, Jose Rizal, and Muro Ami. She has worked with other cinematic greats such as Ricky Lee, Ishmael Bernal, and Lino Brocka, and is the founder of the Marilou Díaz-Abaya Film Institute and Arts Center, a film school in Antipolo City.

Despite these accomplishments, this list of rules shared by a former assistant director shows how caring she is of the people who work with her, regardless of position. This list was shared on Facebook by Juan Ekis, who worked with Diaz-Abaya for many yea. He hopes that the current directors who worked under her before her death took these lessons to heart.

Check out the list of rules below:

1. Bawal sumigaw (unless sa eksena mo, sisigaw ka.)

2. Bawal magutom ang crew.

3. Kung ano pagkain ng direktor, iyon ang pagkain ng lahat–crew, artista, talents. (Pero pag isda ulam, nagpapabili si direk ng liempo kasi alam niyang hindi ako kumakain ng isda.)

4. Magipit na sa oras ng shoot, wag lang sa oras ng pagkain.

5. Bawal matuyuan ng pawis (dapat lagi kang may bimpo sa likod)

6. Bawal ipatawag ang talents kung hindi sila kailangan (papupuntahin lang sila 2-3 hours bago sila i-shoot)


8. Pag may artistang bata, sila ang dapat unahin para mapauwi agad.

9. Mas importante ang tao kesa sa pelikula mo.

10. Bawal ang unnecessary movements–conserve your energy.

(1. Shouting isn’t allowed unless it’s for a scene.

2. The crew isn’t allowed to get hungry.

3. Whatever the director eats, that’s what everyone else eats, including the crew, artists, and talents (But if fish is served, Direk asks to buy liempo for me because she knows I don’t eat fish.)

4. It’s okay to rush a shoot, but never rush eating.

5. Everyone needs to have a towel so their sweat won’t dry.

6. Talents aren’t allowed to be called unless they’re needed. They are asked to come two to three hours before their shoot.

7. You cannot shoot if there’s no preprod.

8. If you’re working with a child artist, shoot them first so they can go home right away.

9. People are more important than your films.

10. Unnecessary movements aren’t allowed–conserve your energy.)

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