Razorback at the San Mig Pub: Your Dose of Rock N Roll When in Manila





When In Manila and wanting to watch a good classic rock act, have a go at one of Manila’s rock legends: Razorback


Formed in 1990, They are considered to be a pillar or Pinoy rock, and they continue the legacy till today.


So, you can just imagine my joy when I found out they were playing at San Mig Pub, Alabang Town Center. I couldn’t miss this!


San Mig Pub is usually a very chill place. It’s interiors have that old manly pub feel that could remind you of McLaren’s (yes, that bar in How I Met Your Mother). That Saturday however, the interior was washed out by the huge throng of people who came to watch. The place was packed!








Tickets were sold for PHP 250 at the door, this included a free drink. I even called a week in advance for a reservation and I was told that all tables were taken.


The opening band was Trinidad. They played original songs and finished with You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi, which definitely got everyone in the mood.







Everyone was excited when Razorback started playing. They played originals like Giyang, Payaso, Tabi Nang Bulcan, Daan Daang Dahilan, My Banyo Song, and Minsan Lang to the crowd’s joy. They also played covers like Fields of Joy by Lenny Kravitz, Helter Skelter by The Beatles, I’ll Never Cry by Alice Cooper, and Jealous Guy by John Lennon.






All this while giving everyone a big show with their charged performance and funny antics.



razorback1 Razorback2


Razorback is composed of Kevin Roy on vocals, Tirso Ripoll and Manuel Legarda on guitars, Louie Talan on bass, and Brian Velasco on the drums. Manuel, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to this gig.


KevinRoy BrianVelasco


TirsoRipoll LouieTalan



It was almost 2 a.m. when they finished, they had been playing for approximately two hours. Screams of “more!” echoed as they ended the song, screams that were heeded. They gladly played A Whole Lotta Love originally done by Led Zeppelin to end the show.


Razorback has proved that being in the business longer certainly makes you better, if not the best, at it. My only regret was not being able to take a photo with the band.


At least I got myself a Razorback shirt! (PHP 350)



Razorback shirt



When In Manila and looking for a band that will satisfy your appetite for rock music and superb performances, Razorback may very well be the answer to your prayers. 




San Mig Pub, Alabang Town Center

(02) 842-0776, (02) 807-3595











Razorback at the San Mig Pub: Your Dose of Rock N Roll When in Manila


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