RESCHEDULED: “Rakrakan Festival” comes back to the Circuit for another epic night of OPM!


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#‎RakrakanFestival ’15 is rescheduled on JANUARY 16, 2016 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds, Circuit Makati! Please keep your passes and SM Tickets safe before the date! For those who still don’t have tickets, tickets are available at all SM Tickets nationwide. See you guys there!


The countdown has begun.

In less than 30 days, Rakrakan Festival – perhaps, the Philippines’ biggest, loudest, and most exciting 100% Pinoy music festival brand in recent years – is coming back to the Globe Circuit Events Ground, Circuit Makati on December 19, 2015 for another 12 hours of non-stop rocking to the country’s finest musicians from Luzon all the day down to Mindanao. It is about time of the year again we all rock ‘til we drop!

Held since 2013 in celebration of Original Pinoy Music, our talents and culture, Rakrakan Festival ’15 will once more bring 70 mainstream and independent acts on the podiums of the Mosh, Move, and Groove stages – the 3 stages were established last year as part of Rakrakan Festival’s mission to cater to a broader spectrum of music and OPM artists, and appeal to a more diverse audience. Punk rockers, hardcore kids, metalheads and all-around badass rock n’ rollers will find their heaven in the rough, merciless circle pits of the Mosh stage, which includes Wolfgang, Slapshock, Queso, Wilabaliw, Sandwich, Chicosci, Skychurch, Kjwan, and Faspitch; whereas, the jovial and sentimental crowds will indulge in the trendy and amicable – and occasionally sappy – melodies of pop-rock and alternative music from Urbandub, Franco, Save Me Hollywood, Callalily, Gracenote, 6cyclemind, Rocksteddy, and Drive Me To Juliet reigning at the Move stage; while the groovy, laid-back types will float in the rhythmic, ambient atmosphere of reggae, soul, jazz, and electronica with Tropical Depression, Jeck Pilpil and Peacepipe, Brownman Revival, Coffeebreak Island, BP Valenzuela, Taken By Cars, and The Chongkeys at the Groove stage. All happening at the same time – as they always have – Rakrakan Festival ’15 promises yet another breathtaking feel for every music-lover in attendance.

And, on top of that, Rakrakan Festival ’15 will bring in more energizing activities guaranteed to give festival-goers the ultimate party-of-a-lifetime experience:

  • All-Indie Merchandise Bazaar – a staple since the beginning, Rakrakan Festival’s all-indie merchandise bazaar is one of, if not the, biggest congregations of independent merchants in Metro Manila (or, probably, in the entire country!). Every year, more local brands are added to the list of participants who trade their goods at the festival’s Find everything from tees and tank tops to shorts, jeans, jackets, socks, jewelry, shoes, slippers, artworks, sunglasses, pins and buttons, pipes, caps, toys, and many other items at very reasonable prices!
  • Skateboarding Exhibition and Competition – another festival essential since 2013, Rakrakan Festival will attract the best in the local skateboarding scene this time to a skateboarding exhibition and competition, with awesome prizes at stake for those able to pull off their best tricks in this day-long event.
  • Street Art Competition – a new addition to the Rakrakan Festival experience, this year’s street art competition was inspired by the live art activity at Rakrakan Festival ‘14, and seeks to discover the best street artists in the metro and see their creations come to life. Exciting gifts await the best artists of this contest.
  • Food Bazaar – seriously, this doesn’t need a lot of explaining. What’s a festival without its gastronomic exploits, right? With a vast array of culinary selections to choose from, Rakrakan Festival’s food bazaar will certainly keep every guest full to the throat, and even make them come back for more.
  • Side activities such as henna tattooing and tattoo displays (in some merch bazaar outlets), intermission games, information drives, band meet-and-greet (for VIP ticket holders), free stuff from sponsors and partners (watch out for those!), and others will be there to complement the whole festival experience.

Early-bird tickets are now available at all SM Tickets outlets nationwide for only Php 320 and VIPs at Php 1,500 (SM Tickets charges included) for limited slots only. See you guys there!

Rakrakan Festival: Rock ‘Til You Drop” is presented by Rakista Radio, and co-presented by Red Horse Beer, Draven Shoes, and Dickies. Check posters and print ads, and/or visit www.rakrakanfestival.com for more details.

Rakrakan Festival: Rock ‘Til You Drop” was launched in 2013 in order to see the best of what OPM can do. It was created for our homegrown artists and their supporters – to give the former a pedestal where they truly belong, and the latter a ballpark where they can indulge in the singular artistry of their countrymen. It was envisioned as the largest gathering of everything that encompasses OPM; it turned out to be a successful venture, and a triumphant celebration of OPM’s talents, culture, and future. Rakrakan Festival is definite proof that OPM is alive – very much alive, in fact – and that it could actually become something more: higher, broader, and international, one festival at a time.