Rajo Laurel Accuses Young Designer Of Allegedly Copying His Design

Trouble in the fashion world!

Renowned fashion designer Rajo Laurel posted a series of tweets on Twitter, accusing a young fashion designer of allegedly copying his design!

Rajo Laurel accuses young designer 1

The young designer Rajo was referring to is Mariella Garcia, owner of 37 LA, an online fashion shop.

Rajo Laurel accuses young designer 3

The design in question is 37 LA’s Luna top, which Rajo said was allegedly similar to his design called the Iris top, worn by celebrities such as Kathryn Bernardo, Maja Salvador, and Marian Rivera.

Rajo Laurel vs 37 LA

37 LA’s Luna top on the left vs. Rajo Laurel’s Iris top on the right

According to his Twitter, Rajo also expressed interest in taking legal action.

Rajo Laurel accuses young designer 6

Celebrities such as Divine Lee and Bianca Gonzales also commented on the young designer’s Instagram page, defending Rajo:

Rajo Laurel accuses young designer 5

However, netizens were also quick to come to the young fashion designer’s side. Some netizens also expressed that Rajo and his friends were bullying Mariella of 37 LA online by posting on her page, while others were also quick to turn the copycat accusation back to Rajo!

Rajo Laurel accuses young designer 4

Some netizens also pointed out that Rajo’s Iris top was similar to a design by an Australian designer, Dion Lee, and accused him of allegedly copying this design first!

Rajo Laurel Dion Lee

This design by Dion Lee was reportedly part of the designer’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and came out on Vogue Australia in July 2013. Meanwhile, Rajo’s Iris top was launched in November 2013 and was part of the Vreeland Holiday 2013 collection.

The plot thickens!

What do you think of this? Do you think there was really any copying involved?