This Rage Room Has a Cafe That Lets You Cool Down After Smashing Things

When you feel like your emotions are about to explode, stepping into a rage room is such a satisfying and liberating way to smash your wrath away, wail out your despair, and release all those pent-up frustrations.

Smaaash Box lets you find a balance between letting off steam and finding inner peace. This newly opened rage room in Quezon City has a pet-friendly, cozy bar and cafe, Pop-A-Holics, where you can recharge and enjoy well-deserved post-smashing relaxation! There are liquor-infused popsicles, coffee, snacks, and pastries that await you to cool down your emotions.

Rage room smaaash box pop-a-holics


This rage room aims to provide a safe space for everyone to relieve stress and release their emotions instead of bottling them up. After all, a good cry sometimes isn’t enough to let it all out. So, if you need a mental health break, Smaaash Box is among the perfect places to go.

Rage room smaaash box


Their standard package costs P299, including five bottles, two glasses, and one dedication plate to write anything you want to let go of, even names of people who have been getting under your skin. Then, smash it on the wall as hard as you can!

Smaaash Box also offers add-ons, allowing you to bring small items you can smash—like an old gift from your ex who cheated on you. If the bottles and glasses are not enough to vent out your rage, you can smash appliances upon request.

Rage room smaaash box


You’re free to play music inside the rage room to get you more pumped as you let loose. It’s a great opportunity to blast your favorite revenge music while smashing things! In case you want to film yourself, a phone stand is available, and you can ask for a copy of the CCTV footage of your session.

There’s also a freedom wall for you to write a message or share whatever’s on your mind. Each session lasts for 15 minutes. Walk-ins are allowed, but booking your session in advance would be better.

Rage room freedom wall


Once you’ve finally released everything, the Pop-A-Holics bar and cafe is right there to make you feel zen. The package also includes a free snack!

You’ll surely love the refreshing homemade liquor-infused popsicles. The best-sellers are Irish Coffee and Berry-Rum-Kiwi. But there are non-liquor selections as well, such as Butterpop and Root Beer Float.

Rage room popsicles


You can even get your caffeine fix after unleashing your rage and pair it with delectable pastries. Their chocolate chip cookies are a must-try! What a great way to cap off your smashing sesh, right?

Since Pop-A-Holics is pet-friendly, they will soon offer PAWpsicles for your fur babies to enjoy!

Rage room with cafe


Rage room popcorns

Photo: Smaaash Box

Smaaash Box rage room is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and is located at FRV Bldg. 13 Old Sauyo Rd., Brgy. Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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