Quick Weekend Getaway: These Giant Wind Turbines Are Just An Hour Away From Manila

There used to be a time when you have to drive all the way to Ilocos Norte to see giant wind turbines.

The Bangui Wind Farm consists of 20 units of giant wind turbines arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the West Philippine Sea. These wind turbines add a picturesque to the view of Bangui Bay.

Now, you don’t have to embark a long road trip to see giant wind turbines.

Pililla Wind Farm (3)

A quick side trip from visiting Daranak Falls is the newly inaugurated wind farm in Pililla, Rizal.

Pililla Wind Farm (6) Pililla Wind Farm (5) Pililla Wind Farm (4)

This wind farm by Alternergy was officially launched last January 20. The plan is to erect a total of 27 wind turbines grouped in three clusters.

On top of its capability of being a source of renewable energy, these wind turbines are visited by many due to the amazing panoramic view they offer. Trust me, really Instagram-worthy.

There’s not much to do in the wind farm, just picture-taking. But it’s worth the side trip.

Pililla Wind Farm (1) Pililla Wind Farm (7)

Aside from that, you can catch a good view of the sunset here.

Pililla Wind Farm (2)

When we visited the wind farm, there is NO entrance fee or parking fee. However, we were asked to make a donation of any amount for the barangay.

Pililla Wind Farm (8)

It is important to take note of safety when visiting the wind farm. A few tips to note include:

  • Never go to any of the restricted areas, those with caution warnings and danger tape.
  • Only park in designated areas. There are security guards in the area to assist you.

And please, don’t leave any trash in the area when you visit.

Pililla Wind Farm (9)

Have you been to this wind farm in Pililla, Rizal? Share your amazing photos with us!