Quest’s ‘Sasamahan Kita’ Reminds Us to Keep Dreaming and Growing

Are you a fan of Quest? If so, you must be thrilled that he has already brought out two new singles this 2019: ‘Permanente’, which was released last January and the newly released ‘Sasamahan Kita’, which serves as a beautiful reminder that people care for you and your dreams.

Quest Sasamahan Kita Single Artwork

Quest shares that the song is inspired by teachers. “I wanted to put myself in their shoes and send a message to students,” Quest shares. “My Lola was a teacher. I saw how hard she worked and how committed she is to teaching.”

Dreaming is almost equivalent to living. It serves as your compass to do things and to not do things. Quest is a big advocate of getting an education, having teachers, and having the right mentors. With this song, he hopes to inspire the youth to finish what they started in school.

“I want them to know and understand the value of education and I most especially want them to put a higher value on our teachers,” Quest explains. “I believe in mentorship and this is my contribution for the youth. They need it. We live in a time where we ask for shortcuts to things. I believe there’s no way better than through it. I believe that there are people sent to us through whatever capacity and we should take advantage of it.”

Quest Pics 01

Growing up in poverty, Quest looked to a lot of people to encourage him to dream. “We’re living at a time where there are a lot of discouraging things around us, these people gave me the confidence I needed to dream and achieve, no matter how small. Malaking tulong sila sa akin,” says Quest, who reminds today’s youth to “find your dream within, find a team who will champion your purpose and help you achieve it!”

‘Sasamahan Kita’ is a song for the youth looking for hope for tomorrow. “I hope you get inspired and inspire others,” Quest says. “Thank you for the support. You guys are my energy.”

Quest Pics 04

‘Sasamahan Kita’ is written and produced by Jose D Villanueva III. The music video will be released today. It is coming out of Warner Music Philippines and will be out on Spotify on April 12. Vote for it on your favorite radio stations!