PWR: Terminus – Top 5 Questions for PWR’s Biggest Year-Ending Event

PWR: Terminus – Top 5 Questions for PWR’s Biggest Year-Ending Event

 PWR Terminus


PWR: Terminus, the final event of Philippine Wrestling Revolution for the year 2014, is only a few hours away. Also known as the night wherein we will witness the end of Philippine Wrestling Infamy, PWR: Terminus will surely be one for the books Right now, just like this author, PWR fans have a handful of questions so we are here to list our top five….


pwr terminus“Did someone say: FIVE?!”


Why yes Big E, yes we did! Now where was I?


The pro wrestling fans of have joined forces (ok, fine, it’s just me…they were too lazy to PM me back) the TOP FIVE QUESTIONS for PWR: Terminus


PWR Terminus Questions

5.  Will Main Maxx Finally Speak?

At PWR: Renaissance, the silent colossus known as Main Maxx dominated his competition and wreaked havoc all throughout the night. Silent Rage ran wild on the last PWR event but the question remains: Will Maxx finally break his silence? Or will he keep mum and destroy the opposition? Another sub-question that we can ask here is: Will the duo of Kanto Terror and THE Nelson Jr. silence Main Maxx’s path of Silent Rage?


PWR Terminus Questions JDL

4. Will We See the Biggest Upset in PWR History?

“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon will be facing someone from the recently opened PWR Boot Camp. Regardless of JDL’s in-ring credentials, we see the biggest upset in PWR history? Will the Master of Minimum Wage and Maximum Rage fall to the mystery upstart? While the odds are in JDL’s favor, you have to admit that ANYTHING can happen in the PWR.


PWR Terminus Questions Mayhem

3. Will Mayhem Be Reinstated?

The PWR brass gave Mayhem Brannigan the pink slip after he brutally took out Robin Sane at PWR: Renaissance. After online petitions and the hijacking of the PWR social media accounts, it seems as if Mayhem will be given a chance to be back. So at Terminus, he has a match against Apocalypse in a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere match! Two masked men will tangle in this brutal match up with one of them needing to win to get their job back at PWR. Will Mayhem triumph and set things RIGHT in the PWR? Or will the enigmatic Apocalypse deny him of his goal and pummel him straight into the abyss?


 PWR Terminus Questions Panzer vs Warren

2. Will Panzer vs Warren II Steal the Show?

I’ve said it in the last event that I was hoping for a rematch and, here it is! Chris Panzer vs Ken Warren II will happen on PWR: Terminus and I’m one of the people who have been waiting to see this rematch. Two of PWR’s young prospects collide for a second time and it will be a thrill to see who will win. Will the “Social Media Sinister” show why he’s all #THAT and make it 2-0 against Panzer? Or will we see Panzermonium run wild and tie the series to 1-1? Regardless of the result, the real question is stated above…will Panzer vs Warren II steal the show and be the match of the night? Call me biased but, it’s very likely that it will.


PWR Terminus Questions Bombay
1. Will 100% Bombay Power overcome the Royal Flush?

PWR’s heart and soul, Bombay Suarez will square off against Classical Leo Bryan in the main event. We saw Bombay overcome the odds last time and got a victory over Apocalypse. Bryan, on the other hand, lost and then won his impromptu rematch against JDL. Will 100% Bombay Power be enough to overcome the power of the Royal Flush? We’ll find out on Terminus!



Just to remind everybody that PWR: Terminus  is going to be on December 13, 2014, 6:00PM at the Makati Square Arena in Makati Cinema Square. Tickets are priced at 250php.



PWR: Terminus – Top 5 Questions for PWR’s Biggest Year-Ending Event