PWR Superstar Spotlight: Bombay Suarez

bombay-suarez-ken-warren-joshi-jam-2014Bombay and Ken Warren inside the ring at Joshi+Jam 2014 (photo from: Bombay Suarez FB Page)


It was January 2014 when a certain man stepped into the wrestling ring inside Joshi+Jam , an event that featured Japanese Professional Wrestlers, and gave the audience a taste of what’s to come in the next calendar year. Together with fellow future PWR wrestler Ken Warren, the man known as “Bombay Suarez” put on a brief show for the audience inside the ring at the Ynares Sports Arena. Minutes after the stunt, I actually was outside the arena and had a very brief chat with the man now known as the “Heart and Soul of the PWR”. My memory escapes me as what the contents of the chat, but what I recall it was mostly about how hard they took a bump inside that ring.


PWR-Renaissance-When-in-Manila-bombay-apocalypse2Bombay at Renaissance 2014


Fast forward to September 2014…we met again, this time at Makati Cinema Square as he and the rest of the PWR wrestlers performed in the company’s maiden voyage to revive Philippine Pro Wrestling. He has been in PWR’s most exciting and brutal matches. The Revo-Nation has witnessed Bombay going through an extreme encounter with the Apocalypse at the first Renaissance, his ‘fiery’ bout with John Sebastian at Renaissance 2 (complete with the flaming hand slap of course), and his epic bout with his friend Jake De Leon for the PWR Championship at Wrevolution-X. These matches (and his other matches, for that matter) gave the PWR fans a glimpse of how much heart and determination Bombay has put when he enters the squared circle.

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionBombay and Jake De Leon square off at Wrevolution-X

Named by Jake De Leon as the “Catalyst of PWR”, Bombay Suarez is one of the key people responsible for training and putting up the PWR bootcamp. Names such as Jake De Leon, Chris Panzer, Mayhem Brannigan, Ken Warren and John Sebastian are just a few wrestlers came under the tutelage of Bombay. Be it inside or outside of the PWR ring, Bombay seemingly tries to help grow the brand of the PWR in any way he can, hence reinforcing his title of being the heart and soul of the company.


PWR Terminus Questions Bombay


We had a chance to get a brief interview with the “B*tch Killer” about the year so far, the year ahead, the Royal Flush and other things on his mind.


The Following Interview is being “Powered by Bombay”…



Q: Care to tell us how 2015 has been like for you?

Bombay: Working in the PWR in 2015 has been great. I don’t count my wins or loses this year. I had a good match with JD [Jake De Leon] for the PWR Championship at Wrevolution X. Past few shows before Terminus, I was getting cheated by the Royal Flush. Most definitely I’ve got beef with them. Then again, everybody does. But as I said, 2015 has been a pretty good year for PWR so far. We’ve been moving up. We started in Makati Cinema Square and now we’re here at the iACADEMY auditorium for the past 2 shows.


Q: You mentioned about the new place [iACADEMY Auditorium] and there’s also a new ring. Did the new ring affect your moveset when you wrestle?

Bombay: Most definitely me and the guys at the back have been experimenting on new moves in the new and improved ring. It allows us to do more stuff compared to the previous ring at Makati Cinema Square. We can pull off some more high flying moves [as what you’ve seen in PWR Live 2 and Terminus 2] in this ring.

PWR-Live-New-Ring-New-Venue-Same-Revolution-Royal-Flush-MarkThe Royal Flush gang up on Mark D. Manalo


Q: Speaking of the Royal Flush, they’ve been using the numbers advantage against you and the other PWR superstars. Do you or any other PWR superstars have plans on organizing your own group to fight against them?

Bombay: From what I can say, the Royal Flash has a lot of ‘heat’ from the boys at the back[stage]. Then again, the Royal Flush tends to entice some of the guys to join them. Right now, at the back, you can really say who is for who. For me, I keep my friends close and my ‘probable’ enemies closer. Most of the guys I’ve trained are friends of mine backstage. It’s just that the Royal Flush has this thing of ‘infecting’ the minds of some of the PWR wrestlers. Right now it’s like if you’re not part of the roster, you’re part of the Flush. The locker room is basically been divided by the Royal Flush. They even got their OWN locker room.

Q: With John Sebastian filling up the Ace role of the Royal Flush on PWR Live 2, the ‘Jack of all Trades’ position is vacant once more. How would you feel though if another person fills it up and has been one of your bootcamp trainees?


Bombay: I can’t blame the guy who will join the Royal Flush in the future [as the new Jack]. He has to do what’s best for him. Everyone of us at the back wants to move up. We want a shot at the spotlight. Again, we can’t blame the person if he joins the Royal Flush. But if you’re with the Royal Flush, you’re definitely against me, and being against me is definitely NOT a good idea.


Q: What can we expect from Bombay Suarez for 2016?

Bombay: You can expect me to get crazier, wilder, setting s*** on fire, and kicking a lot of asses inside the PWR ring in 2016. I’d like to give a shout out to my sponsors (Jet7Bistro, Shockdoctor, GPN Live, and those who are ‘Powered by Bombay’.



Thank you Bombay Suarez for this amazing interview. We are sure you  will kick some ass this 2016! You can catch Bombay and the other PWR wrestlers in the next PWR event this coming 2016.


WIM Photos by: Hub Pacheco and Martin Vicencio