Public Hazard: Pedestrian Injured By Falling In Damaged Steel Drain Along Tomas Morato


A damaged steel drain along Tomas Morato is causing injury to pedestrians in the area. This hole which has been left unnoticed by the proper authorities and should be repaired immediately. This was Martin Aguda’s fate recently which he posted on his Facebook page.

He was walking along Tomas Morato when his entire leg fell through this hole. It caused him serious pain and if he was not able to support his weight, it would have caused him serious injury in his pelvic area.

He said in his post that if it was a much older individual, it would easily cause fracture.

He appeals to the local government of Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City to take notice of this so that it won’t cause any harm to other pedestrians.

Direct Quote:

A Safety Advocate, A Victim & A Self-Aider

This happened OOA 2140H along Tomas Morato, QC infront of Pho Hoa. I fell in a damaged steel drain along the sidewalk of Morato. My entire left leg went into the gap. Good, that I was quick enough to control my fall with an outstretched left upper extremity preventing a hard hit to my pelvic area.

Security guards of the nearby establishment came to my immediate aid. Thank you to the two SGs who quickly assisted me. They attempted to bring me up in a chair but I refused to be moved as I was still doing a quick physical assessment of my possible injuries. I was in severe pain but I know it’s not a fracture. I drove home in pain. Now, my left thigh is swollen from the contusion and large portion my thigh is abraded. Still applying ice while composing this post…

The security guard came in late to warn me, he already found me stucked in the hole. For sure, some suffered the same fate. And an elderly could sustain easily a long bone or hip fracture from this fall. 

Attention Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City government (Boss Cdr Aldrin C Cuña), pleading to rectify this before another accident or a more serious injury or sustained by the next victim. 

Posting this as a SAFETY ADVOCATE, a VICTIM and as a SELF-AIDER. Im OK


Has anyone suffered from similar pedestrian hazards recently? Share your story with us!