PSA: Don’t Know What to Do With Old Clothes? Exchange Them for Vouchers at H&M

Did you know that less than 1% of the materials used to make clothes are recycled each year? That’s not much at all! But don’t worry, you can help make a difference. H&M Group has partnered with Remondis to create a joint venture that collects, sorts, and sells used and unwanted garments and textiles. By taking advantage of H&M’s Garment Collecting program, which has been running since 2013, you can take a step towards reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.


Photo: H&M


Photo: H&M


Photo: H&M


It’s really easy to get involved. Just bring any unwanted clothes or textiles, regardless of the brand or condition, to an H&M store near you. When you hand them in, you’ll even receive a thank-you voucher that you can use on your next purchase. That’s a win-win situation!

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Catriona Gray and influencers grace the H&M Garment Collection Program launch in the Philippines. | Photos: H&M

Once you’ve donated your clothes and textiles, H&M’s business partner takes over by sorting them into three categories: re-wear, reuse, and recycle. Wearable clothes will be sold as second-hand clothing, while items that are not wearable will be turned into other products, such as remake collections or cleaning cloths. As for all other clothes and textiles, they will be shredded into textile fibers and used to make insulation materials.


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In addition to promoting sustainability, H&M has collaborated with Woman, Create by Marika Callangan, a Filipino collage artist whose work explores themes of identity, transformation, and feminism. The Woman, Create X H&M Tote Bags feature a design that represents the different types of materials circulating. By purchasing one of these bags, you can contribute to closing the loop and supporting women’s rights.


Photo: H&M

So, next time you shop at H&M, don’t forget to bring in your old clothes and textiles. By doing so, you’ll not only get a more fulfilling shopping experience but also help create a better future for our planet!

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