Professional Event Hosts in the Philippines for Your Next Big Party or Event

22 Professional Events Hosts in Manila We Recommend


6.) RJ Ledesma

RJ hosts weddings, debuts, anniversaries, corporate events, and press and product launches. He won Best Male Emcee of the 2012 at the Aliw Awards. He is the co-founder and organizer of Mercato Centrale, the editor-in-chief of UNO Magazine, a lifestyle columnist for the Philippine Star, an honorary Vice Consul of Monaco to the Philippines, a best selling author of five books, a certified Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa instructor, and a doting father and husband.

What do you love about hosting?

What I love about hosting is the opportunity to entertain people. But on top of entertaining people, hosting gives me the unique opportunity to connect and engage with my audience and to gauge and quickly adjust to their reactions.  One of the best compliments I receive from people who attend the events that I host/moderate is when tell me that they feel as if I was speaking to them personally while I was hosting.

Aside from entertaining, connecting and engaging with people, I also enjoy the creative challenge of finding ways to make any event that I host or any forum that I moderate more animated and interesting for both the panelists/speakers and the audience.

How did you become an events host?

I think my ability to host different types of events draws from my varied life experiences. I started hosting events during family gatherings and joined the yearly elocution and public speaking contests in grade school.  To hone my skills further, I auditioned and was accepted as one of the pool of hosts in June Keithley’s show “Children’s Hour” and Lea Salonga’s daily variety show “Love, Lea” on Channel 4.  Then I also became one of the regular newscasters for “Junior Newswatch” on RPN-9. It was through those shows that I honed my event hosting, public speaking and showmanship skills. During my teenage years, I did more of acting than hosting as I essayed the role of “Joey” a chubby-cheeked, boy-next-door character for a popular series of Royal Tru-Orange commercials that ran from 1988 to 1992.  The commercials made me a ‘familiar’ and ‘friendly’ face for those of us who grew up in the eighties, which was helped me secure event hosting jobs from people who recalled watching me on television. When I was in college, I also gained hosted a weekly show called ‘Teen Talk’ together with athlete Bea Lucero (now Lhuillier) on GMA-7.  But the best training I gained in college which served me well in hosting live events and moderating forums was through varsity debate.  I spent most of my college years honing my debating and public speaking skills in local and international competitions (Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore and the US). Through debate, I was exposed to speaking and debating styles from around the world. I was strongly influenced by the speaking skills of the Australian and Irish debaters – who had the ability to inject humor into their arguments that helped them further their points. I have tried to emulate, modify and localize their speaking styles when I host or moderate at events. When I graduated from college, I took a break from hosting and joined the corporate world as a brand manager for Procter and Gamble Philippines. After a stint in the corporate world, I went back into television hosting. At first, particular, I became a host for the weekend editions of Alas Singko Y Medya and Magandang Umaga Bayan on ABS-CBN. Then in early 2002, I conceptualized, produced and hosted my own show on Studio 23 called Men’s Room which ran for about two years.  Concurrently, I also hosted a weekly lifestyle show called Tahanang Pinoy on TV 5. More recently, I was one of the hosts of the weekly lifestyle show Best Men on GMA News TV. From all these shows, I learned how to be a lively and animated host who was able to inject with and humor into his hosting style. Since I enjoyed hosting, my family and friends would often ask me to host their wedding receptions as well. After hosting my sister’s wedding reception back in 2005, a reception which was organized by esteemed wedding planner Rita Neri, she recommended me to host other wedding receptions as well.  And I’ve had the pleasure of hosting many great wedding receptions since then. I never realized that all the debating and public speaking that I did would become my career. But I am very thankful that I get to do something that I love, and I even get compensated for it!  And I am very honored that I was recognized as Best Male Emcee in the 25th Aliw awards for my hosting skills.

What are the qualities that a great events host should possess?

Versatility – The ability to easily and quickly adjust to the type of audience, the topic of the event and to the type of event.

A great events host has the ability to connect and engage with the audience and the panelists/resource speakers/guest of honor. He demonstrates a high level of enthusiasm and warmth that makes everybody feel that they are invested in the program.

Sense of humor/wit  – I think a great sense of humor and well-timed wit during a program really warms up and engages the crowd. this warms up a crowd Psychological tests say that it is very difficult that you can’t get mad at people who can make you laugh.  So if you’ve got a host who can make you laugh for all the right reasons, then you’re in for a good showJ

Thinking on their feet/Presence of mind – Sometimes a program and/or event may not necessarily go as planned or a program/forum takes an interesting but unexpected turn, a great event host is able to adjust and make sure that nothing seems awry or out of place with the program. In fact, he can make it appear that it was all part of the program.

Showmanship – A great events host remembers that, at the end of the day, he needs to put on a good show.  He knows how to modulate his voice. He knows how to use his body language.  He is good at making eye contact.  And he knows how to craft a show that contains equal parts drama, suspense and humor.


5.) Sam Oh

Sam Oh is witty and bubbly–a perfect combination for a host and a DJ. She hosts the show Good Times on Magic 89.9 every Monday-Thursday from 6:00 am – 9:-00 am. She also keeps a food and lifestyle blog at www.samlikesithot.com. The topics she usually blogs about are related to food: reviews of different dishes, and her own creations in her kitchen. But she also blogs about beauty and travel. Whether it’s hosting or blogging, Sam’s infectious personality shines through. She communicates with her audience in a signature way that makes you feel like she’s a friend you could count on for a laughter-filled day.

What do you love about hosting?

l ask myself this before every event I host because I still get so nervous and I wonder why I do that to myself. But once the event is done and I’m coming down the stage, I get an unparalleled rush and I think that’s what I love about it. I find it to be really satisfying work. Plus I always end up having a lot of fun!

How did you become an events host?

I started out hosting a TV show and events hosting is usually a natural progression. It was for me.

What is one must-have quality a great events host should possess?

I think spontaneity is a good one. I cross my fingers and hope for the best but the thing with live events is you never really know what can happen and sometimes things can go wrong be it technical difficulties or a guest running late. You have to be ready to roll with that kind of stuff. Also, show up on time and don’t be a diva. You’re the least tired person in that production.


4.) Boom Gonzales

During the biggest intercollegiate sports events, netizens and live audiences don’t only focus on the games and the players–they also focus on the host. This is why Boom Gonzales has become a household name, especially for the fans of intercollegiate sports events. After competitions, you could find Tweets lauding Boom for his ability to host such unpredictable and high-energy events. But apart from being a sportscaster, Boom is also a DJ for Magic 89.9, a voiceover talent, an events host, an entrepreneur, and a fitness enthusiast.

What do you love about hosting?

My parents told me that I was always very comfortable being in front of a crowd at an early age whether it was declamation contests, prayers, national anthems, presentations, recitations or recitals and all sorts of stuff. I like talking to people, and hosting to me is another form of doing that. It’s also a chance to wear another hat that is different from my other jobs such as anchoring sports, TV hosting, or DJing.

How did you become an events host?

I guess it’s a natural progression for us DJs because radio stations have their own events that can range from the small movie premieres to parties to huge concerts. We learn to do that stuff and get confident and progress from there. You get seen and discovered and offered by different companies or events groups after. Of course that doesn’t mean it can’t happen the other way around. But it was like that for me. I started from small school events or station initiated events then graduated to the bigger ones.

What are the qualities that a great events host should possess?

Well number one to me is confidence. Which comes from preparation and experience. Your confidence grows as you get to do more and more. And your confidence is always there if you’re always prepared. And when I say prepared, I also mean actual prepping for the event mentally or otherwise. And to be prepared to adapt and respond and play around with spur of the moment or spontaneous situations or things that are not on the script or guide. Also it’s about knowing your audience, adjusting to them and reading them well and addressing them appropriately. Also you gotta have a style or something that separates you from the rest. So you’ll be remembered and maybe even invited back. What it will be is up to you.

Joey Mead Host

3.) Joey Mead King

Joey Mead King is an internationally sought-after host and model. She is currently a model mentor and judge on Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3. Joey has achieved numerous milestones as a model: she has graced covers of local and international magazines and is currently a FORD model. Joey is also distinguished as a host and an emcee. She was the first ever Filipina to become a a VJ for Channel [V] and has already interviewed Hollywood stars. With all her successes both as a model and a host, Joey uses her influence to give back to others. She is an avid supporter of Chosen Children Village and PAWS. You’ve probably seen Joey as a mentor in Asia’s Next Top Model. But a heartwarming blog post by another model shows Joey in a more close-up way. It’s definitely a worthwhile read!

What do you love about hosting?

I like how I am bestowed with the honor to set the tone for the start of the show, be it energetic, mysterious or keeping things on the same energy level throughout the event. I enjoy adding flavor to my presentation and making it an enjoyable experience for me and whomever I’m hosting for.

How did you become an events host?

After starting off in cable TV (ChannelV) I was offered to host various events mostly about music at that time. To sports and festivals.

What are the qualities that a great events host should possess?

To be able to read a crowd, listen and be articulate and to add your own spin to the spiels.

2-1.) Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez

Longtime best buddies Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez first endeared themselves to Filipino fans when they represented the Philippines in The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 back in 2007. Apart from the adventures they shared, both Marc and Rovilson also share a great sense of humor. Viewers were hooked not only with their ingenious strategies for keeping the lead–but also with the witty exchanges between the two swoon-worthy contestants. Good looks, wit, and determination come a long way. It’s no wonder they’ve had many successes as hosts both in the Philippines and abroad. They are now the hosts of the prestigious talent show, Asia’s Got Talent. They use their fame to good use as ambassadors for WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature.


Marc Nelson

Apart from being a model, host, and product endorser, Marc is also an adventurous traveler. He has been to more than 40 countries and has lived in seven of them. He took up human geography in college.  He continues to travel a lot–and lucky for his fans who can’t get enough for him, he shares his adventures on Instagram–complete with photos of him floating on air and doing perfectly executed handstands. Apart from his travel diaries, his Instagram followers also get to see his workouts and the advocacies he regularly campaigns for.  You could also watch Marc in ABS-CBN’s Sports Unlimited.

What do you love about hosting?

The last part when they hand over the check? Haha, just kidding. I love it when you have a hosting that has a fun and engaged audience. We up on stage feed off the audience, and if I feel comfortable with the crowd then I can inject a bit of humor here and there and have some fun with the attendees. That vibe when you’re all there just having a good time together is a great feeling.

How did you become an events host? 

I guess when I started hosting on TV, people thought of getting me to host events. Having a TV show is like having your business card and showreel being aired to millions of potential clients each week. Also, once you’ve done some shows, you get a reputation of (hopefully) being a decent and professional host, so clients or production companies suggest your name for other events. Also, it’s one of the few jobs I’m uniquely qualified for in so far as I know how to read out loud. My 3rd grade teacher would be so proud.

What are the qualities that a great events host should possess?

Patience, confidence and a zen-like ability to deal with any situation. Patience because you’ll often be waiting for a long time between your call time and the event start (audiences and VIP’s  are often late because of traffic). Confidence to control the stage and the audience and feel completely at ease with any event or crowd. And that zen mindset is probably most important of all because no event ever goes exactly as planned. Last minute change to the script whilst I’m already on stage? Got it. Beauty queen slips on stage? We’re there to help and get the audience to applaud her. The highest VIP in the land walks on stage in the middle of a high wire aerobatic performance? We’ll dodge the flying limbs and formally welcome him. All of these things and so much more have happened to me. Ask any host and they’ll have a wealth of stories to share. There’s always last minute script changes, rundown changes, technical blips etc, and it’s the host’s job to keep the show going smoothly no matter what. That being said, it’s also incredibly rewarding. There are few jobs where you get instant feedback on how you’re doing at your job. If the audience looks happy and entertained, then you know you must be doing something right.

Host Rovilson Fernandez

Rovilson Fernandez

Rovilson graduated from film school in the United States. He initially went to the Philippines in search for an opportunity to be a director. But as fate would have it, he ended up as a host for a local travel show–and he’s been nailing prestigious local and international hosting projects ever since.  Because of his background, Rovilson is familiar with work behind the scenes: he directed, produced, and wrote successful shows for  STUDIO 23.  He is also a writer and even worked as an editor for a magazine before. Like Marc, he also posts about his travels and his advocacies on social media–and even takes time to reply and connect to his followers. Apart from Asia’s Got Talent and different events, you could catch Rovilson in GMA News TV’s Ang Pinaka.

What do you love about hosting?

I have dreams and aspirations of being a stand-up comedian. What they do is magical. Toughest job in the biz. So this is the closest I can get to being a comic, “without fully being a comic.” Working with amazing people I admire (co-hosts, directors, brand managers, set designers, producers, etc.) is also a bonus.

How did you become an events host?

It certainly wasn’t something I aspired to be. Ironically, I don’t like large crowds and despise attention. Public speaking? Who loves that?! Hosting was more of a necessity. I needed to eat, pay bills. This was income.

What are the qualities that a great events host should possess?

The ability to relate to your audience, to “talk to them” and not “talk down to them.” CONFIDENCE is key. Quick-thinking, Sense of humor is a plus, and the ability to go from “stage to audience” in a jiffy. I admire hosts that can effortlessly adapt to various situations and locations without losing a beat.

22 Professional Events Hosts We Recommend

So there you have it! 22 amazing hosts we recommend for your next big event! But, seeing as our own founder is also a well known local host, we thought we’d ask for some extra insights from him that might be useful for the aspiring event hosts out there.


WhenInManila.com’s founder and editor-in-chief, Vince Golangco, is also a well sought after events host in the  Philippines. While we didn’t include him in our list of 22 hosts, we decided to interview him in hopes to pick up some extra tips from him too:

I really think a great host is a humble yet enthusiastic person. The event host should just be a guide for the event but should know how to properly turn the attention to the right things for people to appreciate and understand the real reason for the gathering and event. So a really good host to me is a funnel who can draw all the energy and attention, then steer it toward the person, place or thing you are celebrating at the event.

The thing to love most about this job is the energy of a good crowd! It is so nice to be able to interact with people at events where they are very passionate about the cause or the theme of the event. It’s absolutely magical to meet people at events where that special occasion is one of the biggest days of their lives. The positive vibes are just priceless!

A great host’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious! For me, maybe I just have a loud voice…. so hosting is the only time I can talk loud without being kicked out of a place (damn libraries). 

For aspiring event hosts out there, I recommend slowly building their portfolio and hosting smaller events like debuts, weddings, school events, or the such. Moreover, I think that a great host is really just someone who make people feel great at an event, so if you just learn how to be nice and make people feel great around you, someone would eventually ask you to host their small gathering or wedding, just because they feel like you could also make their friends, or a crowd, feel great. 

Hosting IMMAP 2015 SMX SM AURA wheninmanila

Whether your an aspiring host, an event organizer or a future celebrity, we hope you were able to learn from these hosts’ answers. After all, some of the tips they shared don’t apply to hosting only! Their answers only show that even seemingly glamorous jobs require so much work and patience. But if you’re willing to work for it, then you’re definitely in for a rewarding career journey.

What are most helpful tips you’ve picked up? Are there other personalities you’d want to learn from? Let us know in the comments below!