6 Products and Services You Should Invest in During the Pandemic

The pandemic caught us all by surprise this year and while our safety and health are things that we should have always prioritized, it isn’t until COVID came along that people started paying more attention to disinfecting and sanitizing their items and spaces, as well as keeping them safe.

If you still haven’t invested in extra measures to protect yourself and the spaces that you live in and work in, or if you simply do not know where to begin, here are x products and services that are well worth the money.

6 Products and Services You Should Invest in During the Pandemic

Keysmart Cleantray UV Sterilizer

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CleanTray UV Sterilization Box

If you’re looking for a sterilization case for your phone and other small belongings, this is the tray to clean them all! CleanTray is a UV light sterilization case that can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on your personal items in just 5 minutes! It can fit smartphones up to 7 inches, as well as other essentials like your keys, wallet, and airpods. It is safe, eco-friendly, portable, and lightweight, too – weighing less than 1lb. You can even add essential oils if you want to infuse your belongings with calming scents. Buy your own here!

Crane Humidifiers

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Crane Humidifers

Now that we are spending more time indoors, humidifiers are an absolute must-have in every office and household. They can improve indoor air quality by eliminating pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander. They can also help add humidity to spaces to relieve congestion and soothe dry coughs, dry eyes, nose bleeds, and cold and flu symptoms.

Having a humidifier in your space during a time like this can be a great help in relieving the symptoms of COVID-19, as well as protect you from the common symptoms associated with it. Using a humidifier can protect your immune system and help you get stronger when you get sick, too. Invest in a Crane humidifier today! Check out all of their different humidifiers and air purifiers here!

CleanLight Air Portable UV Air Purifier

Website: https://www.urbantravellerco.com

CleanLightAir Portable Purifier

Looking for a smaller UV air purifier that you can bring around with you wherever you go? Yes, they exist! This portable air purifier has a 360-degree H13 HEPA filter that can remove 99% of particles, including smoke, dust, odor, pet dander, and air pollution. This purifier may be small enough to fit in a cup holder but strong enough to purify rooms up to 160 sq ft. You can also add essential oils, and use it for aromatherapy. Buy it here!

Speedster Solutions, Inc. (@speedsterph)


Speedster Solutions Inc

Nothing you touch in public seems safe anymore. If you have become incredibly OC and have been spraying everything with alcohol, then you’ve probably noticed that some of your items have become damaged by now. To avoid this, Speedster Solutions products were born.

Now, you can clean your belongings without damaging them, and provide them with 6 to 8 hours of protection at the same time. Plus, all of Speedster’s products are 100% locally made. They have the Car Care Disinfectant for your car’s interiors, the Spritz & Go Leather Care Disinfectant for all of your leather accessories, the Shoo Away Sneaker Disinfectant Deodorizer for your sneakers, the Cleantech Gadget Cleaner, Disinfectant, and Degreaser in one, and the Helmet Disinfectant.

Banale Silver Mask

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Banale Silver Mask

Face masks are essential items in today’s day and age, but what kind of masks have you been using? If you’ve been relying on regular cloth masks all this time, it’s time to be smarter and upgrade your choice of PPE. This Banale silver mask is a high-performance (and high-fashion) breathing mask that comes with its trademark antibacterial layer, activated carbon, interchangeable filter, and antibacterial silver that can protect you better than other masks in the market. Get some for you and your loved ones here!

Truair Disinfecting Services and Products

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Truair Disinfecting Services

Photo from Truair

Disinfect and sanitize the spaces that you frequent to stay extra safe during this pandemic! Truair started when two friends were thinking about a business to start during the pandemic. Since one of them used to run a cleaning company and the other was into real estate, it made sense to offer disinfecting services that can help fight and prevent the coronavirus and make people feel safe at the same time.

You are definitely in good hands with Truair. Before launching the business, they did their research and studied all about the processes, equipment, and training involves in the disinfection and sanitation business. They also observed and learned from other disinfection services in other countries.

Truair uses solutions that are DOH and FDA accredited and US-EPA approved, and their professional team is well trained to deal with both big and small service sites while equipped with complete PPE. They make sure that they always provide the best quality service, committing to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. To date, they offer three kinds of services: Spray and Misting Disinfection, Spray Disinfection, and Car Disinfection.

To top it off, they also created their own disinfectant spray, the Truair All-In-One Disinfectant Spray, to match their services for maintenance protection against viruses and bacteria. Their disinfectant spray is very affordable at only php149 and handy at 250ml so you can bring it wherever you want. It can be sprayed on surfaces, objects, shoe closets, car interiors, desks, chairs, food packaging, and other dirty areas. Interested in their sprays? They’ve got an ongoing promo where you can buy 2 and get 1 free! Don’t miss out!