Premiere Launch of the Spoken Word Album “In:Transit Manila x Toronto”

Perhaps one of the best known forms of literature is poetry, but not everyone is fond of reading it. Plus plainly reading the lines doesn’t exactly speak to you with the feelings and emotions that the writer wants to portray. If this is you, then problem solved, I present: Spoken Word Poetry or sometimes referred to as Performance Poetry.

Spoken Word Poetry is poetry written but performed for an audience. In this way, you get the feel and the emotion directly from the writer itself. Its somewhat modern day balagtasan; well, without the debating part.



When in Manila, get your dose of this addicting form of literature that turned from heterodox to mainstream.






Artist for a Change presents In:Transit, a special album collaboration between artists from Manila and Toronto. Its music and poetry in a single album. The poems are stories of longing; for love, for a place in the world and answers to the question, “Who am I?”. The poems shows the fact the real beauty does not lie in the final destination but in the journey itself that was first experienced in the beginning of time.









This is the spoken poetry of two cities, unified. The Spoken Word Album will have its world premiere launch on July 06, 2012 on This album proves that music and spoken word knows no borders, that even though these 2 groups of artists are 13000 kilometers apart, with a common goal, anything is possible.




Please support the album as this is for the benefit of the youth at the Children’s Rehabilitation Center, as well as the artists in Manila.



When in Manila, satisfy your creative cravings and indulge in this unique art platform. Visit now!




Artists For Change

For more information regarding this event and to meet the artists involved in the project from Manila and Toronto, visit





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Premiere Launch of the Spoken Word Album “In:Transit Manila x Toronto” 


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